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New ASL Module: Red Factories, a must-have
MMP just published a "new" historical ASL module, Red Factories.

This is a sort of reprint of earlier Red Barricades combined with a newly created, parallel game of Red October. Together, they include 4 maps, 8 countersheets, 7 campaign games and 21 scenarios.

Fine Games price, $135 plus shipping.

As we said, a must-have for ASL fans.
Published: Wed, 06 Mar 2019 18:08:07 GMT
Annual Clearance Sale - Done but Not Forgotten
Our ever-popular Annual Clearance Sale ended early in December. And there was no round 2.

But for those interested in great deals on great games, we will hold open our entire current offering on this sale catalog indefinitely with one added, key condition.

That is, you must buy any five (5) items price $3.00 or more from this catalog in one order to qualify. Find five items priced $3 or more, you're good. Simply mention you're ordering from the Annual Clearance Sale when you order and we'll honor the price.
Published: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 22:09:12 GMT
Key GMT Reprints Available
GMT has reprinted 3 of its very popular games in their COIN (counterinsurgency) game series. Back in stock & ready for immediate shipment are:

Fire in the Lake (Vietnam) $57

Andean Abyss (Columbia) $53

Distant Plain (Afghanistan) $55
Published: Sat, 22 Dec 2018 22:05:09 GMT
ASL Starter Kits #1 - 3 Back in Print !!!
Great news for ASL fans, especially newbies: The three ASL Starter Kits are all back in print.

The Starter Kits are designed to introduce players to the key elements of the ASL Advanced Squad Leader game system. Each "kit" is actually a complete and self-contained game with rules, counters, maps & scenarios. You need not own anything more to play.

Starter #1 focuses on the basics of infantry combat between German & Soviet forces. $22.

Starter #2 adds ordinance & light AT weapons, and includes German, Italian, US, British & Soviet forces. $25.

Starter #3 adds tanks and other AFVs to the system as well as other vehicles & more ordinance. $30.

We anticipate this printing will last about 18-24 months for each kit.
Published: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 18:05:42 GMT
Annual Clearance Sale Available NOW ! Let the shopping begin.
50 games or 7% sold on the first day -- order soon !

Our Ding & Dent Sale was offered in October. Next up, our ever-popular Annual Clearance Sale with rock-bottom prices an literally hundreds & hundreds of games, magazines, & "stuff". New & used. In & Out of print. The Annual Clearance Sale left the gates early Tuesday morning (13 Nov.).

Interested? Then sign up for our emailed newsletter now to be sure you get notice of this the moment it is released.

To receive notice of our sales, you must subscribe to our services. Simply email or phone us with your full contact info (name, address & phone #), and we'll make sure you get future emailings.
Published: Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:02:28 GMT
Happy Birthday to Fine Games - Now 26 Years On
Fine Games just turned 26 years old as of April Fools. And that's no joke.

A very, very long time in the retail gaming business. So happy birthday to us !
Published: Sun, 01 Apr 2018 23:09:01 GMT
HEFTY Price Increase on Decision Game Folios & More
Decision Games imposed a very hefty price increase on its entire line of folio games, as well as four solitaire boxed games. The folio games went up as much as 25% !

ALL of their larger folio games now list at $24.95 (up from $19.95). Most of their smaller folios now list at $14.95, with a few at $11.95 (up from $11.95 or $9.95). Do the math: by any measure, this is a huge increase.

Our own prices increased proportionately, with the larger folios now priced at $19, and the smaller ones at $11.50 or $9.00.

Only four boxed games were impacted, and the increase was +$5 (or about 6%) in these cases. Each of the three D-Day At... solitaire games (eg D-Day at Omaha Beach), and the ever popular RAF, all increased by $5 (to $80 and $85 respectively).

Typically, companies give advanced notice of such a broad & substantial increase. Typically we at least are advised that a price increase was effective as of a certain time. Here, we learned of the price spike only after receiving an invoice for goods most recently ordered. Ouch! Don't you love the wargame industry?
Published: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 18:51:58 GMT
ASL Forgotten War Korea Module on its Way
MMP's newest ASL title, ASL:Forgotten War, the Korean War 1950-53 is on its way to us now. We expect our first copies to arrive about 23 Feb. Order now if you want to assure yourself a copy.

This is a large module with 7 countersheets & 4 maps, including units from all the nations involved in that bloody & indecisive war.

Judging from MMP's own preorder demand, my guess is that this game will sell out in a couple of years.

Soon to be in-stock, $112.00.

Published: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 03:56:28 GMT
Mass Extinction of S&Ts, Modern Wars & World at War Mags
There has been a mass extinction of Decision Games mag-games.

We update our records with DG's current inventory that they send once or twice a month. On the latest one received today, dozens of mags have suddenly go out of print. Many, like WAW Greek Tragedy #7 or Arriba Espana #8 were not exactly big hits. So we suspect they have done some major house cleaning.

Our only suggestion is that if you were putting off looking for a copy of a mag that had been in print but as more than 2 years old, check on its status & perhaps buy it now. Our prices have not yet changed to reflect the change in status of so many issues.
Published: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 03:52:34 GMT
Two New Games of Great Interest
Two games of great note have arrived in our inventory. Both are in stock at this moment.

For ASL fans, the annual Winter Offensive #9 (2012) is on hand. Its a much bigger kit than any of its predecessors in that includes four deluxe maps (I, J, K, L), and five scenarios covering WWII actions in Russia, Germany, China and a Korean War scenario set in 1950. $39

For GMT fans, especially those who enjoy their COIN (counter-insurgency) game series, be sure to check out their latest game, Pendragon, the Fall of Roman Britain. This is a card-driven game of the century at the end of Roman occupation of Britain, as several ethnic groups from Britain, Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe compete for control of Britain. $66
Published: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 03:17:03 GMT
Shipping Rate Increase
UPS continued its 15 year pattern of rapacious price increases far above inflation. This years was the most subdued in our memory, coming in at just under 5% on the lighter weight packages we deal in. But it was across the board on shipping, fees, other fees, fees on fees, and the evil dimensional weight.

Our Postal Service decided to play catch-up with UPS, and Priority Mail rates increased sharply. We figure an increase of 15% on the package weights or classes that we use most.

The short of this is that we had no choice but to increase our domestic base shipping rate by +$1. International prices remain more or less the same this year; a few decreased nominally.

For 2018, our base shipping is $20 per order. Individual heavy or bulky or weighty items, and rural zip codes, are surcharged as before.

However, if you're ordering just one boxed game (and up to two unboxed items), those can ship for $15.

As much as will fit in a flat rate priority envelope can ship for $9. If you have only one item, its $7.

Please note that most other game dealers offering "free" shipping also ask something close to list price on their merchandise. Fine Games' prices include a large discount, often as much as 30% off list. Do the math and you'll find we are the best value in most circumstances.
Published: Tue, 30 Jan 2018 03:24:36 GMT
4 New GMT Games - Dec 2017
Four new GMT games are out & generally in-stock:

Holland '44 covers Operation Market-Garden, the Sept 1944 attempt by the allies to capture bridges across the Rhine intact and thus race into the northern German plain. Similar in scale and scope to Victory Games famous Hell's Highway. $38.50

Arquebus is a game of grand tactical battles during the early gunpowder era as various city-states compete for dominance in northern Italy. $45.50

Here I Stand 3rd updates the rules, provides a comprehensive errata & new counter update, and reprints the basic great multiplayer game of the reformation period. $62.50

We also have a 3rd edition Update Kit for Here I Stand that upgrades a 1st or 2nd edition copy to 3rd edition standards with a new rulebook, new card deck, errata countersheet, plus some charts. $25

And for those who enjoy GMT's Next War series, the fourth game in that series is out. Next War, Poland supposes a surprise Russian attack on Poland and the Baltic states with the hope of overrunning those NATO member nations before help can arrive in sufficient numbers to turn the tide. $63

Don't forget that we have the Next War Supplement Kit on hand as well. $15
Published: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 04:52:42 GMT
Vae Victis Magazines - Restocked
We have received and have listed a signficant restock of Vae Victis magazines. This includes backstock form the orginal publisher (all of which are now out of print & generally there are no more to be had), as well as copies from the new publisher, Vae Victis Cerigo Editions.

We also received a single copy of the apparently popular and visually very attractive Spanish game, Navios de Linea, Trafalgar 1805 (Ships of the Line) by Trafalgar Editions. This is a unique game in that it is a board game employing 60 plastic ship miniatures with removable sails to depict the decisive battle of Trafalgar as well as lesser engagements during the Napoleonic era. It is thus both a board game and a visually appealing minatures game. Its a heavy beast. Our price is $129.00 plus shipping.

All the Vae Victis magazines prior to about #122 are out of print and availability is already very limited. And the Trafalgar game is an expensive one to obtain and stock, so will be forever in very limited numbers here. So get these while you can.

Published: Wed, 01 Nov 2017 20:37:23 GMT
Fine Games' Annual Clearance Sale - Expired
For those who blinked - blinked for about 25 days - you missed it for 2017. Great deals were once again offered on a range of games, and a few hundred found good homes for the holidays. Thanks for those who at least took a peak. Back again next year.

We are hard at work getting our Annual Clearance Sale ready for your eager eyes. For those who are already waiting for it, gain early access to the sale simply by clicking on the link to the landing page here, and downloading the 43 page sale catalog.

You may have to suffer thru a few glitches; we have not yet proofed things. That comes with be an early adopter these days.

But you'll get first crack at 550 some game items, including lots of new & desireable games we simply have a few too many of. And some more new games that have minor flaws (dings & such).

Act fast...most items only available as one-each. Now thru 22 November.
Published: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 05:33:45 GMT
Just in - ASL Action Pack #13, Oktoberfest XXX II
A restock of MMP games & ASL titles includes the brand new Action Pack #13, Oktoberfest XXX II. This includes 2 new mapboards & 11 wide-ranging scenarios.

$20 in stock.
Published: Fri, 13 Oct 2017 04:04:26 GMT
Updated: Wed, 06 Mar 2019 18:09:01 GMT
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