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Quickie Update,  7 November, 2008

It's that time of year again: time for Fine Games' biggest & best sale of the year, Round 1 of our Annual Clearance Sale, with 1,000 games at very special prices. You can get up to a 40% discount on top of our already discounted prices on any of 1,000 games, magazines, gaming supplies, etc. But don't delay; the hottest items sell quickly, and this offer expires on Saturday, 3 December.

  1. Round 1 of our 2008 End of Year Clearance Sale is on thru Saturday, 3 December.
  2. Our order deadlines to get games to you by Christmas are described.
  3. A complete catalog of ALL our games & magazines is available for download.
  4. Don't forget we offer gift certificates in any denomination.

1. Round 1 of Fine Games Annual Clearance Sale

We are pleased to announce our biggest & best offering on games this year, Round 1 of Fine Games Annual Clearance Sale. It may be our biggest sale ever both in terms of the 1,000 items included as well as our aggressive intent to offer you an irresistable deal. We'd very much like to thin our inventory by putting a bundle of games in your hands in time for the holidays.

This is the first of two rounds (three counting the preliminary sale just ended). In Round 1, we offer you FREE games when you buy a certain number of other games at our normal selling price. You can get a FREE game by buying as few as two games; get up to four FREE games if you buy six. And there is no limit to the number of FREE games you can get. Just follow the rules included in our Annual Clearance Catalog (PDF), and remember that your FREE games are the lowest priced items among each discrete bundle.

New this year is a spreadsheet tool to help you review our Clearance Catalog. This is a preformatted table withing an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet you can use to sort, select, filter by publisher or historical era, etc., to best serve your needs. Available in both a Excel 2007 XLSX (in a ZIP file), and a Excel 1997-2003 XLS formats, most of you will be able to make use of this. However, this is the first year we have attempted this tool, so consider it to be a prototype. We welcome your suggestions on how to make it useful to you.

FYI, Round 2 of our Annual Clearance will begin in early December, and includes simple, rock bottom pricing on most of the items you see in Category 2 which remain when this sale ends.

Remember, things sell quickly on this sale, so don't delay in looking it over. And Round 1 ends on 3 December — mark your calendar. Finally, all items must ship this year to qualify for clearance pricing.

2. Fine Games Christmas Shipping Deadlines:

To insure that you receive by Christmas any games you may order in the last half of December, we offer these guidelines for last minute ordering. We do have many options at our disposal, so if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us about your specific needs. And if you don't tell us when you need a package, we can't insure that it gets to you in time; just tell us what you need.

For Delivery To:                                          Order by:
Eastern & midwestern USA                     Monday, 15 December
West Coat & Rocky Mtn states                     Wednesday, 17 December
Last Minute (via Priority Mail or UPS 1, 2 or 3 Day)                     Friday, 19 December or Monday, 22 December

Fine Games will closed for the balance of the year — goin' campin' — after the last package ships out on Wednesday, 23 December. We will reopen about Monday, 5 January.

3. Print a Listing Of Our Complete Inventory

You can print a catalog of the FULL BREADTH of our game inventory. This catalog shows ALL the games, magazines, supplies, parts, etc, we offer (omitting only redundant listings). Download it anytime as PDF Acrobat file (recommended) or a series of HTML pages:

PDF:  <>
HTML: <>  

4. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are always available in any denomination. They make great gifts for the gamers in your life, relieving you of the chore of selecting games for them. Just tell us what denomination you'd like, and we'll then mail the 'gift of games' to you or to your lucky gift recipient.

Fine Games gift certificates never expire, and can be used in part or whole towards the purchase of everything we offer including shipping.

Thanks for your business and support,

Michael Dean
Fine Games for Players & Collectors

Check out our Annual Clearance Sale, now thru the end of December.

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