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Fine Games Update Newsletter,   5 October 2009

Greetings. Its that time of year once again. Long, cold nights. Holidays approaching. A perfect time for gaming. And do we have some games to offer you!

The recession which began in 2007 has inspired many of our customers to clear out their closets, thinning & in some cases selling their entire gaming collections. While the bad news has been more sellers than buyers, the good news is that our inventory games has never, ever been as full of great, classic games. We've purchase some very large, very complete game collections in the last couple of years, and our expanded shelves are now overflowing with classic Avalon Hill (AH), SPI (Simulations Publications), WorldWide Wargamer (WWW), Victory Games and many others from wargaming's golden age.

We also have many of the newest games published by Fantasy Flight, Asmodee, Days of Wonder, GMT, Multi-Man (MMP), Critical Hit, Z-Man, and tons of others. Too many in fact.

Our solution? Begin our series of Fine Games' Annual Clearance Sales a little early this year with some special offers focused on specific areas of our game inventory. Read on for the details.

Topics in this Issue

  1. Please Check the Contact Info We Have On File For You; Email us if it isn't current.
  2. Round 0 of our 2009 Annual Clearance Sale: Special Discounts on Selected Categories of Games.
  3. Future Clearance Offerings Planned
  4. A Catalog of ALL our games& magazines is available for download.
  5. Don't forget we offer gift certificates in any denomination.

1. Is Your Contact Info Current ??

Please, please take a moment to check all the contact info we have on record for you. Especially if you have not contacted us for some time, its vital that we have your current & complete contact info. For two reasons: first, having your phone#, multiple email addresses and your home address gives us multiple was to get back in contact with you should you move and, say, your primary email go bad. Second, it allows us to update our records before you order, making things go quicker with less chance for error.

Contact us by email only if any of the info we hold for you is incorrect or incomplete in any way.

2. Round 0 of Fine Games' Annual Clearance Sale !

Our annual clearance sales begin early this year. We have an incredible number of games to offer. And, frankly, we're out of space for more and a little tight on cash. So, we wish to offer you some great buying opportunities thru the next three months. As a first step, we will offer discounts off our normal prices on a variety of categories of games that will rotate every couple of weeks. We hope to encourage you to check out what we have to offer more focused way, while encouraging you to purchase with attractive prices.

We have a dozen such focused offerings ready for your review. However, we will offer discounts only on items purchased from the featured clearance lists for a given time period. Our Current Clearance Offering is this:

Earn additional discounts based on the gross total of all items purchased from this Current Clearance Catalog based on this schedule:

That's up to 25% AND free shipping on any games or other items you see in our Current Clearance Offering catalog. Pretty good deal, I'd say.

As with any new program, there will be unanswered questions. We will do our best to answer these as they arise in a fair, equitable way. See our Clearance web page for full terms & conditions.

To order, simply email, phone or fax us with the list of items you wish to order (their title, part #, price), plus your full name & contact info.

Separately, our Liquidation Catalog is offers you another pile of games we wish to get rid of by the end of the year. These are a hodge podge of games, magazines, accessories, PC game software, and surplus computer equipment. All are available for immediate sale at liquidation prices. Currently, this catalog shows about 278 items. We intend to add to this list thru December, and to systematically reduce the price of items that remain periodically until much of this stuff is gone.

3. Summary of Future Clearance Offers

We plan to rotate the targeted clearance lists listed above thru October & perhaps into November. Here's a look at other areas of our inventory we may offer in the coming weeks. This is only a sneak peak just now.

In November, we will introduce Round 1 of Fine Games Annual Clearance Sale. We expect that this will run thru November, and in some way encourage you to buy bundles of the games offered. Unlike past years, we might change the terms to some form of simple discount, as several of you, our customers, suggested to us last year.

Finally, in December, we will introduce Round 2, which will focus on a narrower mixture of games, mags, accessories, etc, and offer still better terms, likely with simple pricing.

Things move quickly during the Holiday season, and we generally can't predict in advance the exact discounts to be offered nor the specific items offered. Anticipating that is part of the fun, yes?

4. Print a Listing Of Our Complete Inventory

You can view or print a catalog of the FULL BREADTH of our complete inventory. This catalog shows ALL the games, magazines, supplies, parts, etc, we offer (omitting only redundant listings). Download it anytime as PDF Acrobat file:


Reading this puppy is admittedly a chore as it is over 160pgs long. There are, after all, over 10,000 items in our inventory. But like a good candy store, there oh so many treats hidden in the nooks " crannies. And we will bet you that if you look at any random page in this catalog, you'll find something that interesting to you, maybe a whole string of items.

5. Gift Certificates Available

Gift certificates are always available in any denomination. They make great gifts for the gamers in your life, relieving you of the chore of selecting games for them. Just tell us what denomination you'd like, and we'll then mail the 'gift of games' to you or to your lucky gift recipient.

Fine Games gift certificates never expire, and can be used in part or whole towards the purchase of everything we offer.

Thanks for your business and support,

Michael Dean
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