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Fine Games' Update Newsletter,  6 December 2015

It's that time again: time for Fine Games' biggest & best sale of the year, our 2015 Annual Clearance Sale. This year we offer you nearly 700 games, magazines, parts & gaming accessories, each at the lowest price we have ever offered. But don't delay; the hottest items sell quickly, often in the few days. And this offer expires in just 2 weeks at noon on Monday, 21 December.

In order to get this sale started, and because its already a bit late, we've not included any other content as we usually do this time of year. Soon....

Topics in this newsletter:

  1. Annual Clearance Sale thru noon, Monday, 21 December
  2. Shipping Deadlines for Arrival by Christmas
  3. Check the Contact Info We Have for you, !*FirstName*!
  4. Download our Complete Catalog
  5. Give the Gift of Games via a Gift Certificate: Easy & Immediate
  6. Have Games You Wish to Sell or Trade In ?


1. Our Annual Clearance Sale on Now thru noon on Monday, 21 December

It is time again. We are pleased to announce our biggest & best offering on games this year, Fine Games' Annual Clearance Sale. Which means its also time for some quality time reading about great games from the past, and great deals in the present.

Nearly 700 games, magazines, parts and gaming accessories are offered this year together with our intent to offer you irresistible deals. We aim for a win-win by putting a bundle of games & magazines in your hands in time for the holidays while we tidy up our inventory.

For 2015, we pulled items from all areas of our warehouse: 337 brand new boxed games from many publishers including GMT, Decision Games, Avalanche Press & others; classic magazine-games from SPI, Command, & 3W; and many more titles a bit more obscure. 664 items at the lowest prices Fine Games has ever offered on each.

We are also offering a special shipping offers for domestic shipments: $12 for anything & everything that fits in a USPS medium flat rate Priority Mail box, or $6 for whatever unboxed items fit in a flat rate envelope. See Annual Clearance Sale landing page for more details.

Each item is individually priced, using logical pricing increments, and there are no prerequisites to purchase other items nor a limit to the number of items you can purchase. Just go to our Annual Clearance Sale landing page, and download our 43pg Annual Clearance Sale Catalog in PDF format from there. Then spend some quality time in the reading room. We recommend you download the catalog immediately before reviewing it as we update it periodically to reflect items sold (or new items added).

Remember, things sell quickly on this sale, and most items are available only as single copies, so don't delay. Again, this sale expires at noon on Monday, 21 December. Not late enough for some of you procrastinators, but that's the deal. Again, all items must be ordered, paid for & ship by the end of business on the 23rd to qualify for clearance pricing.

FYI, there will likely be a round 2 of this offer made immediately before Christmas, when we close for vacation. Terms of that separate offer have yet to be determined. But we'll be encouraging an order by email while we're out having a life.


2. Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Most orders we ship these days are via USPS Priority Mail which provides you with reliable, 2 - 3 day delivery anywhere in the 48 states (and not much more to HI, AK and colonial possessions and APO addresses). Generally, ordering by early Friday, 18 December, will get a single game there by Christmas.

However, for bulkier or international orders, refer to the table below which provides suggested deadlines, based on UPS ground shipping and your distance from Fine Games World HQ:

For Delivery by 24 Dec. To: Order by:
Eastern & mid-western USA, AK, HI Monday, 14 December
West Coast & Rocky Mtn states Thursday, 17 December

Last Minute Nationally
(via Priority Mail or UPS 1, 2 or 3 Day; extra charges may apply)

Not later than Friday, 20 December
Internationally ASAP, likely not later than Friday, 11 December

If you don't tell us of specific needs, its a lot harder to meet them. Talk to us; we can help!

Fine Games will closed for the balance of the year — goin' campin' — after the last package ships out on Wednesday, 23 December. We will reopen about 7 January 2016.


3. Check the Contact Info We Have For You, !*FirstName*!

You are currently subscribed to our services at this email address:  Our records reflect the following contact info; please update us if any of this is outdated or incorrect. Include your both address & phone number if either has changed within the last year.


4. Download Our Complete Catalog as a PDF

Interested in seeing more of what we have to offer? Download one of our print catalogs which detail the heart of our inventory. No parts, few magazine-onlys or game-onlys, but lots & lots of games. Two versions of the same catalog: One sorted by publisher, the other by historical era & specific topic (e.g. WWII Worldwide, Eastfront, Westfront, etc).

You can print a complete catalog of the full breadth of our game inventory. This 200pg catalog shows it ALL: every game, magazine, accessory & part we offer (omitting only redundant listings). It is huge, 191pgs, but it's everything except duplicate listings. Organized by historical era & specific topic.

We also offer an even longer New Game Price & Availability catalog of ALL the 25,000 gaming items stocked by our primary distributor in each of 4 national warehouses. This catalog help you learn of ALL the in-print items we have access to, and judge the difficulty of obtaining any given item. If you special order based on this catalog, we offer up to 35% off the list prices of games listed at the cost of longer turn-around times.


5. Give the Gift of Games via a Gift Certificates: Its Easy & Immediate

Fine Games offers gift certificates in any denomination. These can be used to purchase anything we sell, they never expire, and we can mail or email a certificate for immediate gifting.

They make great gifts for the gamers in your life, relieving you of the often difficult chore of selecting games for them. And they make it easy for your significant other to give the gift of games to you, even if they haven't a clue about what games you're currently eyeing. (And trust me, they don't!)

Just tell us what denomination you'd like, then we'll either email or snail mail, as you choose, a gift certificate to you. Via email, you can print & gift wrap it same day. Gift certificates can even be holiday or birthday themed, and are delivered in PDF format (by email).


7. Have Any Games You Wish to Sell or Trade-In ?

We are always buying game collections. Perhaps its time to thin yours? Just send us a list of what you have to offer, and we'll make an offer. We offer extensive advice on our web page focused on Purchases & Trade-Ins.

Most of the collections we obtain are from individuals who long ago faded out of gaming, yet kept their treasured games for years, even decades after. So its not really that we are losing gamers; we lost them long ago. Rather, the downsizing that comes with an empty nest and impending retirement motivates most. And significant others who see their opportunity..

Our promise is simply that we'll give you a fair price for your games, and that we'll put each of your games into the hands of others who may actually play them. And nothing goes in the dumpster unless it really is beyond hope.


Thanks for your business and support.   YOU keep us going. Happy holidays & best wishes for the coming year!

Michael Dean
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