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International Shipping Rates

This page documents Fine Games International Shipping Rates by service class, destination country and shipping weight. Refer to this page in conjunction with our International Shipping Procedures explanation.


You are encouraged to view our rate charts in a compact PDF format using Adobe Acrobat. Download International Priority Mail rates for sure, and print our First Class and Express Mail rates if you choose. 


Download the free Acrobat PDF Viewer if you don't have it already.



International Shipping Rate Chart
Priority, Express & First Class Shipping 
via the US Postal Service

Fine Games assesses shipping charges based on actual shipping weight and service type (Priority, Express or First Class) using our shipping rate charts below. You can download our complete rates for Priority Intl, Express Intl, or First Class Intl service.


These rates were updated January 2017 per the USPS's last rate increase in January 2017 . Changes were relatively minimal this year. In fact, some rates when down nominally, a real first. That said, the days of cheap gas are long gone...


How to Use Our International Rate Charts (Procedure)

  1. Determine whether you wish to have your games shipped by PRIORITY  (the default), EXPRESS (fastest & most costly) or FIRST CLASS (max 4# weight) mail. Also, decide whether your order needs to be boxed for protection of the contents and also to allow both insurance and tracking.

    Priority mail typically takes 6-10 days for delivery, Express mail typically takes 3-5 days. First class varies but figure on 2-4 weeks, and package weight must be no more than 4.0 lbs.  Note that Priority mail is now available for nearly all nations, and most such shipments can now be insured as well.

  2. Estimate the total shipping weight for the package in question. This is the total weights of all items you're thinking of PLUS additional weight of packing materials and exterior shipping container. Generally, packaging adds 1-3#s more to the total weight.

  3. Locate your destination nation in the header of the appropriate chart below. Find the chart for Priority Mail, Express Mail or First Class Mail per your preference.

  4. On the appropriate chart, cross-reference your nation with the shipping weight of the package. The result is the cash-basis price for shipping a single shipment of that weight, via that service class, to you. 

Guidelines & Additional Information

  • You will always be charged the correct amount for each shipment based on the chart above. If you'd sent or were charged too much given actual shipping weight, your account will be credited; if you paid too little, your account will be debited.

  • Priority shipments should take from 6-10 days, but do vary beyond this. Express shipments should arrive within 3-5 days but are not guaranteed. Please be patient as neither you nor I have any control over actual shipment time. 

  • Packages may be traceable. A pending shipment confirmation process will automatically forward to you package info upon shipment. Note that all First Class shipments, and Priority shipments sent via Flat Rate Envelope can NOT be tracked and are sent uninsured.

  • Shipping charges cover all costs involved in delivering your games to you. This includes, of course, the direct cost of shipping. But it also includes the considerable time to prepare and have the post office process customs forms; packaging materials, local transportation to the shipping point, and insurance. Read more about shipping costs.

  • Maximum shipping weight is varies by nation but can be as little as 44# per package. Still lighter packages are advised to reduce the risk of damage. There may be additional restrictions imposed by each destination country on the size and weight of each package.

  • We guarantee the safe delivery of the items you order and insure or self-insure packages to achieve this. There are some limitations to this beyond our control, however:

    • Shipments to a handful of countries that the USPS deems 'high risk' cannot be insured; in these instances you assume the risks of loss or damage. This applies only to shipments to specific nations. Currently, this rarely pertains to countries we ship to.

    • All First Class shipments, and those send via Priority Flat Rate Envelope, cannot be insured nor tracked. They are sent at your risk, and the price you pay for shipping reflects that trade-off.

  • You are responsible for any applicable taxes and import duties. Your purchases are just that, a purchase and not a gift. Fine Games does not falsify custom documents, sorry.

  • When paying by check or money order, I suggest sending enough to cover 1 or 2 pounds above the estimate so that there will no delay in shipping. In all cases, you ultimately pay only for actual shipping weight. Excess funds will be refunded or held on account, at your option.

Global Express USPS, or UPS Delivery Rates

Expedited courier delivery in 2-4 days is available from UPS. Please contact us for rate info once you've decided upon the bundle of items you're interested in. Note that expedited shipping rates are quite expensive and range between double to quadruple those of USPS Priority Mail shipping given above. Yes, Really! Orders must be received by about 1pm our time to ship on a given day.

Shipping Rates


Priority Mail International is now the de facto standard shipping method. It applies to virtually all nations, can be insured, provides some tracking, and provides delivery in 6-10 days (approximately). Only if your shipment is very light or you want the fastest delivery possible should you consider other options (below). 


Note that Flat Rate Envelopes are now insured, and included tracking. However, for foreign shipments, our postal service's tracking is in many respects still in the 1980s.


Priority Mail International Shipping Charges, revised 26 Jan 2017, and based on January 2017 postal rates.

Actual Shipping

Weight in...

                                                                                 est. 6 -10 Days Delivery

Actual Shipping

Weight in...

















































































































South Africa




























Reunion Is.














New Zealand




























































































Pounds Kilos                                                      Priority International Mail Rates, ~6-10 days delivery. Download full PMI Rate Chart. Pounds Kilos

Flat Rate Envelope

4# Max

< 1.81   $28.20 $34.20 $35.20 $37.20 $37.20 $35.20 $35.55 $36.20 $34.20 $38.20 $37.20 $35.20 $37.20 $35.20 $34.20 $37.20 $37.20

Flat Rate Envelope

4# Max

< 1.81  
Medium Flat Rate Box (14x12x3.5", 20# Max)   < 9.07 $53.95 $74.95 $75.95 $79.95 $74.50 $75.95 $76.35 $76.95 $7.94 $83.95 $79.95 $75.95 $79.95 $75.95 $74.95 $79.95 $79.95 Flat Rat Box (14x12x3.5", 20# Max)   < 9.07
1 0.45 $40.58 $40.81 $43.66 $49.60 $46.04 $47.46 $48.65 $44.61 $3.43 $48.18 $50.08 $49.84 $42.90 $49.13 $45.33 $42.90 $42.90 1 0.45
2 0.91 43.97 44.96 48.87 54.90 49.34 51.72 54.38 49.34 48.06 53.0 54.61 53.43 46.68 53.85 49.20 46.59 46.68 2 0.91
3 1.36 47.37 48.56 54.07 60.20 52.64 55.97 60.10 54.07 52.69 57.82 59.15 57.01 50.46 58.58 53.07 50.27 50.46 3 1.36
4 1.81 50.27 51.93 58.77 64.99 55.45 59.72 65.33 58.33 56.82 62.14 631.9 60.10 53.74 62.81 56.44 53.45 53.74 4 1.81
5 2.27 54.17 56.30 64.47 70.79 59.25 64.47 71.55 63.52 61.96 67.47 68.23 64.19 58.01 68.04 60.82 57.63 58.01 5 2.27
6 2.72 57.06 58.73 67.56 75.21 61.96 68.13 76.78 67.09 65.04 72.17 71.41 66.99 60.82 71.22 64.19 60.63 60.53 6 2.72
7 3.18 59.96 61.15 70.65 79.63 64.66 71.79 82.00 70.65 68.13 76.87 74.59 69.79 63.62 74.40 67.56 63.62 63.05 7 3.18
8 3.63 63.86 64.57 74.74 85.04 68.37 76.45 88.23 75.21 72.22 82.57 78.77 73.60 67.42 78.58 71.93 67.61 66.57 8 3.63
9 4.08 66.76 66.99 77.82 89.46 71.08 80.10 93.45 78.77 75.31 87.28 81.96 76.40 70.22 81.77 75.31 70.60 69.08 9 4.08
10 4.54 69.65 69.42 80.91 93.88 73.79 83.76 98.68 82.34 78.39 91.98 85.14 79.20 73.03 84.95 78.68 73.60 71.60 10 4.54
         For Full Rate Info including prices for shipments > 10 #, download our International Priority_Mail Rates (PDF)

          Rates subject to change (i.e. correction) without notice.



Express International Mail offers the fastest delivery. As long as you're willing to pay a premium to shave a few days off the delivery time, this is the way to go. It also provides insurance, applies to all nations, and can be tracked. Delivery time is not guaranteed. Download our Express Mail Rates as a PDF document for rates. But note that it is exceedingly rare that we use this service as games are simply not that urgently needed to warrant the extra cost of this service.



First Class International Mail offers some savings over Prioity Mail, but is limited to packages weighing no more than 4 pounds (1.81kg). Generally, it is only advantageous up to 2 pounds weight (beyond that, flat rate prioirty is more cost-effective). The item can  be tracked and but is sent UNinsured by default. Shipment is therefore at your risk once it is mailed.  Download our First Class International Rates as a PDF document for rates.


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