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This page addresses all those questions you're likely to have after you first discover our web site. It also refers you to other pages where the question is addressed in more detail.

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What Types of Games Does Fine Games Carry?


How Can I Get a List or Catalog of Games For Sale?


How Do I Place An Order ?


How Can I Pay for An Order ?


How Are Orders Shipped ? What Are My Options ?


I Need a Game Fast. What Are My Options ?


I Want a Game I Can't Find Anywhere in the Catalogs ? Do You Keep Want Lists ?


What Other Services Are Offered ? What Other Charges are Imposed ?

How Do I Contact Fine Games ?


Does Fine Games Guarantee My Satisfaction ?


How Can I Keep Tabs on Updates to Fine Games' Offerings ?


Can I Order a Game that Has Not Been Published Yet?


I Want to Sell or Trade In Some Games. Can I Do This ?


I'm Moving or Changing Email Addresses Soon. Should I Let Fine Games Know ?


I'm Visiting Portland Soon.   Can I Stop By to Save on Shipping ?


Just Who IS Fine Games, Anyway ?


What Types of Games Does Fine Games Carry?

Fine Games focuses on adult strategy board and card games, wargames in particular. We stock in excess of 10,000 games and related magazines. We serve the needs of board game players and collectors throughout the world.


Fine Games does not stock mass market games (such as those typically found at a Toys'R'Us), fantasy role playing games, miniatures or collectable card games. We can, however, special order any item available thru our distributors, typically at about 30% off list price.

How Can I Get a List or Catalog of Games For Sale ?

Fine Games' maintains several dozen catalogs of games, game parts, magazines, historical books, etc., here on our web site. These are updated several times each week, making them always current, and include our entire inventory. View these directly via our Catalog Index or use our framed Catalog Viewer.


You may find it useful to visit our Search Tips or our Site Map first. You will also find it very helpful to refer to our Explanation of Codes for help deciphering our rather sophisticated catalogs. Our Catalog Orientation is designed as a tutorial to help you gain the full informational value of our catalogs quickly.


Alternatively, you can also request a printed catalog be mailed to you. These printed catalogs are free with any order over $60, or $3 for domestic customers, or $5 for foreign customers. Order this as you would any other product.

How Do I Place An Order ?

You may place an order by communicating to us email (preferred), phone, fax or mail the items you're interested in. We need each items' title, price and part-#, together with you full home address and phone #, and a ship-to address if desired.


See our How to Order page for step-by-step details on ordering.


Once you've committed to purchasing an item, and tell us so explicitly, we will confirm the availability of each item and provide an order total. We will also reserve the item(s) for you to insure that you get them.


Its important to note that if you flake out on an order, your future reservations privileges are jeopardized. Please be sure of what you want before you place an order.

How Can I Pay for An Order ?

You can pay by cash, check, money order, cashiers check, PayPal, QChex or by credit card. We also accept game trade-ins as payment when advance arrangements are made. Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Fine Games."


We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover®. Note that we distinguish between cash-basis payment and that made by credit card; you will pay 3.1% more, in effect, by forgoing the cash discount implicit in all of our prices. See Payment Methods for more info.


We accept payment via PayPal, too, but its use is problematic. Payments funded from a bank account or payments you've received are accepted at face value without restriction. However, if you fund your payment by a charge to a credit or ATM card, you lose the cash discount (paying 3.1% more) and must direct your payment to a special email address. See Payment Methods for more info. Or, learn more about PayPal.

How Are Orders Shipped ? What Are My Options ?

Your order will ship immediately after full payment is in hand, typically.


How they ship depends, first, on whether you are inside or  outside the continental US. If you live outside the US, orders normally ship via our beloved US Postal Service. See our International Shipping Rates for more info on this rather involved subject.


If you are inside the continental US, the how your order ships to you will depend largely on the order's shipping weight. Lighter packages will typically go by US priority mail; packages of 2# or more will typically go by UPS Ground. Our flat rate shipping charge of$23.00covers whatever method we determine to be the most cost-efficient on most orders; see domestic shipping rates for details and exceptions.


You always have the option of selecting a different courier from among those we use, or electing an expedited shipping service. You will pay a charge that reflects the increased cost incurred in all cases. See the next question for more.

I Need a Game Fast. What Are My Options?

If you absolutely, positively need a game fast, FedEx and UPS Next Day, 2-Day and 3-Day, and USPS Priority services are available at varying costs. We encourage you to discuss your needs with us so that we can meet your deadline yet not waste your money.

I Want a Game I Can't Find Anywhere in the Catalogs ? Do You Keep Want Lists ?

Our catalogs list every item we have in stock or think there is any hope of obtaining from distributor stock. If you don't see an item you want after checking our catalogs, then we can add the item as a want list if you will send your want list to us in writing (by email or mail). We will then let you know when the item shows up in our stock next time.


In order for us to track any games you want, we must first have your full contact info: name, home address, home phone #, and email address.

What Other Services Are Offered ? What Other Charges are Imposed ?

Fine Games offers several additional services for your benefit:

  • We search for your Want List items, games you're seeking.

  • We accept trade-in. See our Trade-Ins & Purchasing Practices for more info.

  • We keep you informed on new game releases and industry event thru our emailed Update Newsletter. Subscriptions are free once your full contact info is on file.

  • We offer printed, mailed catalogs several times each year to our active customers. They are free to customers who have ordered within the last six months, or $3 ($5 internationally) otherwise.

Certain other services are provided at a cost to both you and us, and are generally discouraged:

  • Itemized invoices are not routinely provided in your order. But they are free upon request if you request them at the time you place your order. Otherwise, a $5 fee to cover the time to research and forward this documentation applies. Our email correspondence generally serves as your invoice.

  • Address corrections to items shipped to an outdated or incorrect address you've provided to us cost $6 ($12 for 1-3 day shipments), and safe delivery is no longer guaranteed. This includes UPS deliveries redirected at your request.

  • Checks returned unpaid by your bank for NSF or any other reason cost $25 per submission, and subject you to liability of $100 or triple the amount of the check, whichever is more. Please avoid this. Please.

  • Orders reserved for more than 2 weeks (3 weeks for international orders) incur a layaway charge of 5% or more depending on the situation.

How Do I Contact Fine Games ?

We recommend emailing us at for most purposes as we respond to our email thruout the day. You may also phone, fax or mail us. See our Contact Info for all these details.

Can I Keep Tabs on Updates to Fine Games' Offerings ?

You may keep tabs on us & what's happening in the gaming hobby by subscribing to our Update Newsletter. Aside from that, you simply need to monitor what appears in our online catalogs from time to time. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the Find (CTRL-F) feature of your browser to help you find specific items of interest in our catalogs..

Does Fine Games Guarantee My Satisfaction ?

We strive to assure you of your satisfaction with each and every order.


We guarantee your satisfaction that all games are accurately represented as to their physical condition and contents. To this end, our catalogs describe each item's characteristics in considerable detail. But if there is ever a problem, we will do what we can to remedy the situation to your satisfaction. See our Service Policies for more info.


"New" games are typically shrink wrapped and are not checked for completeness. We rely on the publisher to replace any missing or defective component(s) in any new game; we will facilitate your contacting the publisher directly to correct the problem. Generally, you'd simply need to contact the publisher directly to request replacement parts. See the Publishers' Contact Info listing we maintain.


Note that we do not guarantee that you'll like the editorial content of any item. You'll need to do your homework beforehand to insure you'll like a game's mechanics.

Can I Order a Game that Has Not Been Published Yet?

Yes, you can pre-order items not yet published, and have them shipped to you automatically the day they arrive here. Placing a preorder is just like placing a normal order, and payment arrangements must me made too, but the order ships when all items become available. See our Pre-Orders for more details.

I Want to Sell or Trade-In Some Games. Can I Do This ?

Fine Games is always on the lookout for any and all strategy board games in excellent or mint condition. What we'll pay reflects the "wholesale" availability of each item, the item's condition, the retail demand, our current stock of the item, and other situational factors. See our Trade-In & Game Purchasing page for more.


To offer your games for sale or as trade-ins, we need a list of your in writing. This list can be emailed, faxed or mailed to us, and should include each items general condition and any notable defects. You may wish to review how we rank game conditions by visiting our Explanation of Codes page.

I'm Moving or Changing Email Addresses Soon. Should I Let Fine Games Know ?

PLEASE do. Whenever you change any part of your contact info -- your home address, your home or work phone #, or your email address -- please make us aware of this change.

I'm Visiting the Sunny Southern Oregon Coast Soon. Can I Stop By to Save on Shipping ?

Yes. Personal visits to Fine Games can be arranged by appointment (only). Contact us to set a mutually convenient time and for directions. Generally, we're available weekdays from 10am to 9pm PST. Unplanned visits will generally be declined, sorry.

Just Who IS Fine Games, Anyway ?Me & one REAL Babe !

Fine Games is a small business owned & operated by Michael Dean since its inception on April Fools Day, 1992. Yours truly.


Our first board game was Uncle Wiggly. We played our first wargame -- U-Boat -- at about age 6 and then Jutland in at 10. After receiving Afrika Korp as a gift for my 12th birthday, its been downhill from there. Now, Fine Games is our hobby and obsession, gotten way, way outta hand!


We work from our home. Thus our insistence that phone calls be limited to business hours. At the same time, we have the joy of commuting to work by walking a few feet to our office or warehouse. And the flexibility to adjust our schedules to live life now and again. How's your job in this respect?


Oh, and as you can see at the right, I get to meet some real babes in this line of work...!


See About Fine Games for yet more trivia.


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