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This page discusses our basic shipping policies, then guides you to the appropriate subsidiary page to help you anticipate shipping charges, and to inform you of the choices you have in shipping options.


Fine Games' price for shipping domestically is basically a flat-rate system: $23.00 for most orders of boxed games, or $11.00 for up to 5 flat, unboxed items that fit in a flat rate priority mailer. International orders are base on actual shipment weight, except for flat rate mailers which are now have a fixed price per country (ranging from$34.09 to $49.29).


The most recent USPS postal rate change occurred on January 22, 2024; international rates will usually change in January of each year. UPS revises its rates after Christmas (and can further change them on an ongoing basis via surcharges as gas prices change).


After decades of rapacious rate increase, new fees & increasing poor service, and the introduction of a comparable Ground Advantage service by the USPS, we have largely discontinued use of UPS. Packages that previously shipped by UPS are now shipped via USPS Ground Advantage as a lesser price.



Shipping Rates

Specific rate info depends on whether your package is being shipped domestically (within the US including APO/FPO addresses), or is being shipped internationally to any other nation.

Domestic Shipping RatesDomestic Rates   International International Rates

 Shipping Rates Increased

As of January 22, 2024, our domestic shipping rates will be $11.00 to ship up to 4 flat, unboxed items, and $23.00 for a standard order including boxed items (no change from late 2021). Charges for rural delivery is+$6.00, +$8.00 or +$18.00 for according to how UPS classifies the delivery zip code. Charges for most large/heavy items (+$4.00ea) have not changed. The "Giant Box (GB)" category of packaging carries a surcharge of+ $7.50/item reflecting the heft & bulk of some games these days (nearly all 'made in China'). "Huge Boxed (HG) items will be quoted a specific shipping cost on order.


These minor changes reflects the relentless and rapacious increases in shipping costs via UPS (up substantially overall for ground services & fees over2022). USPS's changes were nominal, so we are basically able to continue to offer the same shipping rates we have since late 2021.


Since 2007, there are fewer options for international shipment. There is no longer any "AIR" and "SURFACE" option. Instead, the main option is "Priority Mail International." This offers rapid delivery of 6-10 days worldwide, offers some tracking, and applies to nearly all nations and all weights. This year, prices increased on nominally.


"First Class International" is available as a slightly lower cost alternative, but applies only up to 4 pounds weight and such shipments are not insured nor trackable. In general, it is useful only up to 2 pounds weight.


Order Turn Around Time

We ship fast, unlike many other internet vendors. Regardless of where it's headed, the typical order placed with Fine Games ships in less than two days from the time that full payment arrives (including weekends). So, your order doesn't sit around as  you may have experienced experienced. Instead, it ships to you at the earliest possible opportunity -- typically the same day. .


If you have special, time-sensitive needs -- such as a birthday -- please advise us up front. We'll explain your choices in terms of delivery options and costs, and do everything we can to get your order to you before you have to have it.


We do wait for your payment to arrive before assembling your order. Full payment must be rendered in whatever form you wish before we will ship your order. If circumstances dictate, we reserve the option to delay shipment until your method of payment has cleared our bank and any associated bank fees are known.

Standard Shipping Procedures

Every order receives our careful attention as it is packed. We take pains to anticipate and avoid problems of damage in transit. Fewer than 0.04% of items shipped are damaged en route or mis-shipped; where a problem occurs, we work with you to see that things are made right & you're ultimately satisfied.


In the event of damage to your items upon arrival, please inform us of the situation at once. Keep both the damaged item(s) and any shipping container and material for possible inspection or collection by the shipper. We will advise you of the steps to remedy the problem given the facts of the situation.


All orders shipped by UPS & USPS Priority are acknowledged with shipment confirmation and tracking info sent to customers with an email address. This acknowledgement is sent when the order ships, and includes tracking info as well as estimated date of arrival.


We bear in mind any special needs you've made us aware of such as arrival deadlines or alternate shipping locations. If you need us to remove shrink-wrap, dice or any invoice information from a shipment for customs purposes, please just let us know.


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