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You can contact Fine Games in any number of ways. This page details each such way.


 Note that Fine Games relocated its World HQs to the southern Oregon coast. For those who don't visit our site but once a decade, realize that we are no longer located in the Portland area.

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via email at   In most cases, you'll receive a prompt personalized reply within a few hours. Infrequently, that is when we try to have a life, it may take two days or longer to receive a reply.


Please try to be specific in your inquiry. Providing item title, price and part number insures that we are both talking about the same item(s).


 via phone at (541) 756-4711 between the hours of 10am and 9pm Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT)You are most likely to reach us if you call Monday to Friday, between 11am - 3 pm and 7 pm - 9 pm, PST.  (Note that our old, Portland number still functions as a voice mail box for an indefinite time.)


Please do not call after 9pm or before 10am PST; PRICES TRIPLE when we're off duty as we do business from our home!


Feel  free to leave any information you need to convey to us on our voice mail if we cannot take your call directly. Our voice mail is secure so you may leave an order and/or your credit card info.


You may also call (866) 690-7879 to place an order (only) during those same hours. Please use the direct dial number for all offers to sell games, purely informational requests and other matters unrelated to placing an order. Please leave a message rather than call back repeatedly if we can't take your call directly.


 You may fax us at  (702) 926-5205  anytime, 24 hours a day.




via mail at
Fine Games at 2078 Madrona St., North Bend, OR  97459-2143  USA.


Subscribe to Fine Game's Update Newsletter . These Newsletters keep you abreast of games coming into or going out of print, as well as notable industry developments. Do so by emailing us a simple request to subscribe that includes your complete home phone # & mailing address. Remember that both your phone # and address must be included.


The information you provide will remain confidential and is never sold or traded to others. It is used to contact you in case of urgent questions concerning an order or to remain in contact if & when your email address goes bad. See our Privacy Policy  for more on how this info is used & protected.


In-person visits are possible but only, repeat only, by prior appointment. Please call or email to arrange a mutually convenient time. Be prepared to call us before you head over as our schedule may change.


See MapQuest for a convenient map or directions to get you there.


Because our experience has been that coordinating these visits consumes as much if not more time than merely shipping a package, we reserve the right to impose a minimum purchase amount. 


The Fine Games WWW site can be found at: HTTPS://

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