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This page assists you to locate the specific game titles or subject matter you are seeking within the many online game catalogs on the Fine Games Web Site. Several methods are suggested in order of their power and ability to locate just what you're looking for.


After trying these methods, if you're still unable to locate what you're looking for, you're welcome to send us an email asking about a specific title.


Use Your Browser's FIND Capability

You can always use the FIND feature of your browser (typically <CTRL>-F, or EDIT then FIND from the menu). By entering an appropriate search string, your browser can quickly find each occurrence of that string in any catalog you have displayed. This is the single, best means of finding what you're looking for.


We recommend you use one of the master catalogs to search so that it includes all items available, such as those sorting items by Title or Historical Era, to perform a search so that all possible listings -- in-stock or not, new or used -- are searched.


Once the file is up on your browser, use the FIND feature to search. Simply press <CTRL>-F, or select EDIT then FIND from the menu. Repeat to go successive occurrences of your search term.


You can search for any word you think appropriate. For example, you can find all game listings on the Falklands War by searching for "Falkland". You can find tactical level games by searching for "tactical" or "tac". You can find games that Jim Dunnigan designed by searching for "Dunnigan". You can look for good beginners game buy searching for "beginner." And of course you can search for specific titles by entering a key, unique piece of the title. Always, be sure that your spelling is correct and that you use only as many characters as necessary to find the desired term. Its better to look for "bulge" than for "battle of the Bulge."

Site Search Engine

Here, you can enter a search string to locate a set of text characters anywhere in our web site, including within our catalogs. This text string can be a topic such as "Payment", a game title, a publisher, a price, an historical era or topic, and anything having to do with the subject matter. The search term may relate to game listings or a subject you're looking for in our HTML web pages. The more limited and specific you can make your search string, the more targeted will be the results.

Simple Search Enter a search term, the Click the button

Advanced Search:  experienced searchers can use this form to find just what they're looking for.

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Manual Search Exploiting Catalog Organization

The organization of the Fine Games' online catalogs allows you to search for titles in various ways. You can determine whether specific titles are available by search directly by scanning thru the catalog listings. Remember, you can always use your browser's search feature as described above.


Web Search Engine Searches

You can use any of the major search engines (such as Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, etc.) to execute a search as well. Often, these will take you to our web pages and/or catalogs where your search term is found. If you're hunting for a hard to find game and the search takes you to our web site, chances are, we have the game you're looking for on hand.


Unfortunately, a search engine can and will take you to an arbitrary place on our web site without providing any context to guide you further. And while we try to remain registered with any and all search engines, we ultimately have no real control of what they list and what they don't. In other words, this is the internet; good luck, and you're on your own!

Still Can't Find What You Want ?

If you've tried these methods of searching, most likely the game is either not available, not yet in print, or outside the normal scope of the type of adult strategy board games that we stock and monitor. You may still  send us an email to double-check if you wish, or you can investigate keeping a want list with us.

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