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This page serves as a table of contents or index to all of the 140+ catalogs Fine Games maintains organized within 5 categories.


We urge you to review our Catalog Orientation page if you haven't done so as this provides detailed information to help you understand what our catalogs contain, how they are organized, how to read the listings, and how to best conduct a search for an item. Also, see our Explanation of Codes for a full explanation of the terms & codes used thruout our catalogs.


Make use of our Catalog Viewer to view our catalogs. 


Scope & Organization of Fine Games' Catalogs

The many catalogs indexed below provide various ways to view our complete inventory, including items in-stock or available as special order items. You can rely on the listings you see here as our catalogs are updated several times each week, and whenever any significant addition to our stock occurs.


We provide a thorough description of what is included within our catalogs, and what we mean by "In-Stock" or "In-Print" in our Catalog Orientation page. There, you'll also find help & examples in how to glean all the information out of our catalog listings you possibly can. We strongly recommend you review this page.

Navigating Our Catalogs

Bear in mind that most of our catalogs are TEXT-based; they are not HTML documents and so you won't find links and navigation aids within the catalogs themselves. This fact often disorients newcomers to our site. Yes, its a throw back, but its also very efficient if you understand what you're working with.


Simply using your browser's BACK button to navigate backwards. Or close the browser window since most catalogs create a new window for themselves.

Searching for Specific Item Titles or Subject Matter

Briefly, you can use your browsers FIND feature (CTRL-F or EDIT then FIND on the menu) to locate specific words or search strings within any catalog you have on your screen. Just bring up an appropriate catalog, the use the FIND feature to search for occurrences of your selected search term.  You can also enlarge the font sizes used with CTRL-+.


See our Search Options page for a full explanation of this and other ways to search our web site for items you may be looking for.

Searching Our Distributor's Inventory

You can view the 20,000-some items stocked by our primary distributor in their 4 warehouses around the U.S. together with our pricing info in our 340pg New Game Price List. This lengthy catalog shows all the items currently available from this distributor. It also gives you clear indicators of how readily available each item is. This catalog is updated every couple of weeks.


How to Order

Ordering from Fine Games is as simply as emailing to us your full contact info (name, home address, home phone #) together with the list of items you want (title, part # and price), plus your payment instructions. Once all of this info is on hand, we we'll reserve (or ship) your items to you.


See our How to Order page for a step-by-step ordering process. And see our Customer Service Policies for more info on reservations, special orders, pre-orders, layaways, cancellations or returns, etc. See our Payment Info page for ways to pay.

Online Catalog Index

Below is an index to all the 140+ online catalogs we offer here. They are organized with four (4) categories of Current Updates, Stand-Alone Catalogs, Main Catalogs, and Specialty View Catalogs.

Catalog Viewer  

For those of you with frame-friendly browsers, you can use a framed Catalog Viewer that combines the speed of our text catalogs with HTML menus. Check it out!


Download Our Interim Printed Catalog

We used to mail a printed catalog to nearly a thousand of our active customers throughout the world once or twice a year, rather infrequently these days But you can always download and print a nicely formatted, 90pg Short Printed Catalog by Historical Era (pdf 700kb). (Or an similar catalog by Publisher). This catalog is nicely formatted and is easy to read; however, it covers only the better half of our inventory. Our online catalogs have been far more comprehensive for a long time. 


If you wish to download our complete catalog -- and we do mean complete as in every unique item we offer for sale including parts-- download the 200pg Interim Catalog here (PDF 3mb). 

If You Have Never Ordered From Us Before...

...We have a special offer to make to you. They ain't making board gamers like they used to. So we need YOU to become our customer. And to ease the way, we've prepared a special offer on over 100 games that we hope you can't resist. Most are recently published great games, and some are older games that are still quite popular. Plus a small number we simply have far too many of. Still, Fine Games would like to offer you some great deals -- and a chance to begin a long and happy relationship with us! Check it out as TEXT or as an Acrobat PDF.


To be eligible for this special offer, you must simply never have ordered from us before. Once your first order has shipped to you (or is cancelled), the offer expires and you are no longer eligible.

Current Updates

These four (4) catalogs help you keep abreast of additions to our inventory, and new & pending game releases.

  1. Newly Listed Items - shows all In-Stock items added to our inventory in the last 8 weeks. Reviewing this listing allows you to monitor the stream of games added to stock.

  2. Newly Released Items - shows all tracked items published within the last 2 calendar months. This allows you to monitor what games have come out in the last few weeks.

  3. Pending Game Releases - shows all strategy games which are due out in the foreseeable future (roughly 3 months out). This contains the best available info we have; please contact the publisher if you want more specific info about a game's release date.

  4. New Game Releases by Year & Month - shows new game releases (those that are still available, either in-stock or as special order) by calendar year or month in a nice little interactive viewer. 

Special Clearance Lists

Here we offer our excess or slightly flawed inventory at special savings. Note that to take advantage of these special prices, you must mention that you wish the clearance list price and you must observe the special conditions listed at the head of each catalog.

  1. Fine Games' ongoing Liquidation Clearance List presents several hundred items we'd like to dispose of, all listed at prices we're sure you'll like. Take a look as for most of these are one-only and all are first come, first served. Be sure to mention that you're drawing the item & it's price from this special catalog to get the Clearance price.

  2. Surplus (non-game) PC Software & Hardware generated over time by Fine Games. There ain't much these days.

  3. The Personal Collection Sale offers a hundred or so games and magazines offered from my own collection. This is an effort to reduce the amount of stuff I own. Games listed here are items that really don't interest me and my tastes for strategic level gaming. Special payment terms apply.

Stand-Alone Catalogs

Three (3) of our catalogs show items that are not found in any other catalog.

  1. Spare Parts Catalog - lists all the game parts & components we have for sale. What we have is list here, and this is all we have. We cannot obtain parts for you we don't have.

  2. Magazine-Only Catalog - shows the availability & price of all the magazine-only we have. This includes all S&Ts, Commands, Generals, and other magazines, that are sold without a game included (regardless of whether they originally came with them). You must have Adobe Acrobat to read this 1mb PDF file. Download the free Viewer if you don't have it already.

  3. New Game Special Order Price & Availaibity Listing (PDF) - massive 560pg catalog of all the 20,000+ items available as special order items from our primary distributor. This catalog shows our selling price, as well as clear indications of how readily available each item is at our distributor's four US warehouses -- so you will know that an item can be obtained if you order it, and how quickly. Updated periodically a few times a year..
Main (Master) Catalogs

These 6 master catalog families each contain our entire offering (with exceptions noted in the Stand-Alone Catalogs above). The sort order varies by what is the most useful organizing theme for you. If an item has a 5-digit, numeric part-#, it is in stock. If it shows "stk", it is normally stocked but just momentarily out of stock. If it shows "s/o", it can be special ordered on your behalf.

  1. Games by Game Title   - All available items listed according to their alphabetical title.  Note that alphabetizing of titles can be a bit tricky as excessively common portions game titles are appended here; for instance, Battle of... follows the main game title of most games (e.g. Britain, Battle of...).

    Lists by the first character of the Title are also available:

    0-9       A    B   C   D   E F      G      H      I      J    K      L      M      N     O P      Q      R      S      T U      V     W     X     Y     Z


  2. Summary of Games by Game Title - Lists all available items, including pending releases, by alphabetical title, with only basic information; this catalog does not contain the detailed descriptive info, including editorial description, found in other catalogs.


  3. Games by Publisher - All available items listed according to their publisher name, then game title, alphabetically.  (See also our Publisher Contact Info listing for into to contact publishers directly.)

    Lists of for each individual Publisher first character are also available in fast downloading files:

    0-9       A    B   C   D   E F      G      H      I      J    K      L      M      N     O P      Q      R      S      T U      V     W     X     Y     Z
    Alea Mag     Meta Games Vae Victis Mag


  4. Games by Historical Era - All available items listed according to Historical Era, then alphabetically.

    Lists of each individual Era are also available in fast downloading files:


  5. Games by Specific Topic - All available items listed by specific topic or subject matter (such as Ancient Romans or Family Card Games) within each era, then alphabetically.


  6. Games by Game Scale & Era - All available items listed game scale within its historical era, then alphabetically. (Scale is a measure of the level of the game: tactical, grand tactical, operational, strategic, etc. For a listing of game scales used, see our Index of Game Scales.)
    Individual listings for each era are available:


  8. Games by Game SYSTEM or SERIES - a collected list of games by game system such as ASL, Panzer Grenadier, World in Flames, etc. If you like one, your likely to enjoy others within the series. This is very much a work in progress, something we've contemplated for a decade.
    ASL Games 

    (Squad Leader & Advanced Squad Leader) 

    ATS Games

    (Advanced Tobruk)

    World in Flames Panzer Grenadiers
    Second World War at Sea Great War at Sea Classiscs (AH & SPI etc) pdf Decision Games Folio Series


View Specialty Catalogs

These catalogs present listings of only specific types of games according to the catalog name. Suggestions for additional such lists are welcomed.

  1. Game Recommendations - itemizes those games available which Fine Games heartily recommends

  2. Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) & Squad Leader (SL) Items - Special listing of all Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader games, both those in-stock and in-print. These are all the ASL/SL products from all publishers we can offer you at the moment.

  3. Advanced Tobruk System (ATS) & earlier Combat! system Game Items - Special listing of all the Advanced Tobruk System games, and its predecessor Combat! game series, mostly by Critical Hit.

  4. Gift Suggestions - games we suggest as memorable gifts either because of their special nature, because they're great for family gaming, their hot new games, or they feed a lifestyle like ASL or World in Flames. Also available in a nicely formatted PDF catalog.

  5. Beginner Level Games - Special listing of games recommended for introducing a beginner to strategy board gaming & developing a beginner's skill level. (See also Decision Games Folios, below.)

  6. Muliplayer Games - Multiplayer games, i.e. for 3 or more, and their add-on kits, listed by Publisher and Title with complete descriptions. (Again, this list isn't exhaustive; please let me know if you know of a game missed here.)

  7. Solitaire Games - Solitaire games available in-stock, listed by Publisher and Title with complete description. (This list isn't exhaustive, please let me know if you know of a game that was missed here.)

  8. In-Stock Magazine Issue Games - New, Used & Out-of-Print magazine games and Game-Onlys (e.g. S&Ts, Wargamers, Commands, etc) currently in stock, listed by Publisher and Issue #. Game-Onlys contain all game components but do not include the magazine in which they originally appeared.

  9. Decision Games Folio Games - lists DG's line of 18-some folio games which have proved quite popular as they are quick playing, easy to learn and good beginners games. Half are updates of earlier SPI quad-style games, and half are new designs in a similar style.

  10. Vae Victis Magazine - lists the issues of the French wargaming magazine, Vae Victis, which contain a game within them. (Mag & game printed in French, English rules translation available online.)

  11. Alea Magazine Games - lists the issues of the Spanish wargaming magazine, Alea, which contain a game within them. (Mag & game printed in Spanish, English rules translation available online.)

  12. Meta Games - Special listing of all Meta games, including all of the In the Labyrinth/Fantasy Trip FRPG. These are all the Meta Game  products Fine Games can offer you at the moment.

  13. Avalon Hill & Victory Games - Lists all the flavors Avalon Hill & Victory Games that are still available, should you wish to flush out your collection as their once extensive line of games continues to sink slowly under the water.

  14. Computer Software Games - listing of all available, new or used, software-based PC games.

  15. Surplus PC Hardware, Software & Books - Lists surplus personal computer equipment we have for sale.


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