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Fine Games does not currently use online forms to place orders. Instead, simply send us an email (or give us a call or even send us a FAX or letter) which contains the information necessary to communicate your order to us. The process is simple and allows us to provide you with personalized service and feedback, something we could not do so easily using a form.

So, to place an order, follow this procedure. (More info can be found in our FAQ.)


Step What to Do For More Help
1 Provide your full contact info.
Make sure we have your full name and current home address, phone # and email address on file. If you've signed up for our newsletter or have ordered recently, this should already have been done.
Email us with this info to add or update it.

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Review our Privacy Policies.

2 Decide upon what you wish to order
Copy the item Title, Price and Part# into an email.
See our Online Catalog Index


Also available are Search Hints and Key to Codes Used.

3 Anticipate shipping costs.

For shipments within the US, most orders cost$23.00for shipping. Exceptions include these situations:

  • Your order contains only up to four (4) non-boxed, flat items. Shipping is $11.00in this case. ($9.00if you have only a single unboxed item.)

  • Your order contains any bulky (LBoxed) or weighty (3#+) items. Add+$4.00to the base$23.00for each such item. Your order may also contain giant boxed (GBoxed) items. Add+ $7.50for each such item due to their great size & weight. 

  • Your order is shipped via UPS domestically, and UPS defines your zip code as "rural." In this case, add+$6.00to the shipping total to reflect the additional charge UPS charges us.

  • Special shipping requests may alter the prices above. Shipping light items by UPS, heavy items by USPS, shipping outside the 48 contiguous states, or using any form of 1, 2 or 3-day air will increase your costs, and rates will be based on specific shipping weight and service class.

For shipments outside the US, estimate costs by:

  • Estimating a shipping weight for your package. This is the sum of the weights of all items (including a guess where it isn't shown), plus an appropriate addition for packaging weight (generally 1-3 pounds, minimum is 0.5 pound).

  • Use the (1) weight, (2) service desired, and (3) destination country to determine the estimated shipping charge on our International Shipping Rate Chart.

  • Expedited UPS and USPS services may be available. Please inquire.

See Key to Codes for a detailed explanation of Box types & how to interpret the information contained in our catalog listings.


Review our
Shipping Practices & Rates


For a list of UPS's rural zip codes, download their PDF formatted list.








See our International Shipping Rates.

4 Decide upon how you will pay. This will effect how much you pay.
  • All prices are stated on a cash basis. If you pay by check, money order, trade credit or bank funded PayPal (i.e. not funded using a credit or ATM card), you pay the cash-basis price shown in our catalogs. (However, see PayPal Payments for details on using PayPal while avoiding fees; you must follow specific procedures.)

  • If you pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover® or AmEx), or with PayPal funded with a credit or ATM card,, you lose the cash discount and must add 3.1% to calculate the grand total.

You should now be able to estimate the order total.

See Payment Methods for more info on all the many ways you can pay.


The specific email address to which you send your PayPal payment depends upon how your payment is funded: for payments funded directly from a checking account. (Look here for detailed instructions.) for payments funded from a credit or debit card.


Are there any special limitations or conditions on this order?

Make note of them as you need to communicate these to us.

  • If this is a gift, or must be received by a certain date, please tell us up front. This is vital to assure that the package arrives on time.

  • If there are items you wish to order only as a group -- that is, a game and its expansion or neither -- please tell us.

  • Once an order is placed, we expect that the order is firm on your part. We also expect your payment to arrive promptly within 10 days (15 days internationally).

See our Customer Service Policies for a fuller explanation of our services, our charges, our commitment to fulfilling your order promptly, and our expectations for your own follow-thru.

6 Communicate your order to Fine Games in one of 4 ways:
  • Email us (preferred). We respond to emails thruout the day on weekdays, and frequently on weekends too.

  • Phone us at (541) 756-4711 between 10am - 9pm PST (-8 GMT). Prices TRIPLE if you call after hours!

  • FAX us at  (702) 926-5205  24 hours a day.

  • Mail your order, containing all contact and order info, to

Fine Games
2078 Madrona St.
North Bend, OR 97459-2143

See Contact Info for more details on how to get a hold of us.


Be sure you give us this info:

  • Items you want.

  • Your Ship-To address if different than you Home address.

  • Your credit card billing address if different than your home address (for CCs).

  • Your payment method.

  • Your desired shipping method (for international shipments).

Items are reserved only when all info is provided.

7 Sit back & relax! Your games are on their way.
  • We will immediately acknowledge your order if we have your email address. We'll confirm a projected order total and ship date by email.

  • Your order will be shipped at the earliest possible moment. 

  • You'll receive an email with confirming shipment from the appropriate carrier (UPS or USPS), including tracking info. Check your inbox.

  • If your order is appreciably delayed beyond the anticipated ship date, we will advise you of this and of your options.

The typical order ships within 1.4 days of the time the order is placed (including weekends).

See our Customer Service Standards for questions related to damage, missing items, returns, etc.


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