Testimonials from Fine Games' Customers


Don't take our word for it. Instead, here is what our customers have written to or about us based on their experience in dealing with us. Their comments cover the range of products we offer, our responsiveness to inquiries, our prices, the speed of our order turn-around, and even our integrity and how we resolve problems.



All the comments documented below were drawn from unsolicited, written comments sent to us during the nearlythirty-two (32)years Fine Games has been in business.


Game Selection

Thank you. Your catalog is great. I have been finding things in it you just can't find anywhere else.

 Johanna D., Michigan    July 2000

I consider you the best dealer in wargames for selection, price and service.

Richard P., APO    October 1997

I received my shipment yesterday....I was impressed by many things - that you even had such items for starters, the speed of your response, and the condition of the games. Wonderful all around.

Matt N., New York, NY    December 1996

I must not allow myself to peruse your catalog unsupervised or I'll spend altogether TOO much $.

Tom J., Ft. Collins, Colorado    April 1995

"Fun" in this sense: I pick up catalog; I see item(s) I want. I e-mail you, you e-mail me; item(s) arrive in a day or two. The entire process takes perhaps 5 minutes all told; I have complete faith that the order will arrive as advertised and on time. What could be more "fun" than that? A Satisfied Customer.

Rob C., Ypsilanti, MI    March 1999

Received my order today, and just wanted to say I've been extremely pleased with your service the few times I've used it. Your website is easy to follow, you are very responsive to one's inquiries, and your order filling is prompt. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Dave B.,  Duluth, MN    January 2001

With all the games you stock, I might have to use Fine Games as my default board games supplier from now on. Darn..... :-) *smile*

Jared B., Palo Alto CA   July 2001

Some of the "small" games I have purchased from you were a rare find and have been such a delight to play with my young nieces and nephews ("One Upon a Time ..." card game) that I feel you deserve the first look before any other seller/distributor/store. Thank you for happening to have the games and game items that have continued to allow me to indulge in my hobbies while spending (quality) time with all family members. Lee A,  OR  Oct. 2002



Responsiveness & Fast Order Turn-Around

I placed a large order for ASL stuff...and just wanted to drop you a note to say I am extremely pleased with the products and services Fine Games offers....These games came well packaged and in pristine condition as described. Again many thanks!!!  Murray D., Port Hardy, BC, Canada     June 2004 30 minutes since I paid and you've packed and labeled my order [already]? How come I don't have it yet!!! *grin*

Evan M, Sept. 2010


I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the games [just received].... Since I had such a wonderful experience with you I thought I would see if you could locate [2 more games] for me. I found them on another "site" the same time I found yours originally and am still waiting to hear back from them which I am guessing means that they no longer have them.

Tammy M., Fremont, NE      October 2000

[I needed some games by Dec. 15.] Well, the box arrived December 14th with all the items. This made for a great Christmas party with all my gaming buddies as I had the right gift for each guy, thanks to you. Your good service made it a merry Christmas for a bunch of gamers.

Carl W., Glendale, CA    December 1999

Just wanted you to know I got my order less than 24hrs after I ordered it.

Kevin D., Bellevue, WA    November 1999

I phoned an order in one day and got it two days later! Your service

is great.

Ron.S., Portage, MI    July 2000

Considering I ordered on the Thursday, that means a delivery time of 4 working days from USA to Wales. Fantastic!

Stephen P., Wales, Great Britain   August 2000

Wow....Red Barricades came in 2 days in excellent condition. Thank you so much for

the quick response. I will definitely return for more when I can....

Jim H., California    August 2000

Before I could even look at the calendar to decide when I might expect my games....they arrived! Thank you very much!

Barry E., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada    February 1998

My order arrived today, setting a new record for overseas delivery. I just wanted to thank you for such prompt, efficient service.

Murray T., Dunedin, New Zealand    July 1997

Items rec'd lightning fast and in fine shape! As always, thanks again.

Ed D., Houston, TX     September 2000

I don't know how you can ship goods to me a week faster than anyone else, but I like it!!!

Doug A., Melbourne, Australia    July 1997

Wow that was a fast response!

Shannon H.,     October 2000

My order arrived today. Thanks. I really appreciate your promptness.

Lee W.,    Raliegh, NC  October 2000



Hassle-Free Ordering

Your site stays firmly logged in my 'Favourites'.

Allen G., England    January 2001

Brazil is still a backwater in international mail business, but you have always been extremely helpful and careful --- *and* the games arrive promptly. Keep up the good work.

Luiz Claudio D., Brazil   March 2001

Thanks for the quick service. I received a response to my e mail during your shutdown period, stating that the order would be processed on [Jan. 2nd]. That's today, & that's what happened, so you did exactly as promised. As rare as it's become for businesses to do that, it's greatly appreciated when it happens.

Robert K., Carlsbad CA     January 2001

Just wanted to let you know that I received the game yesterday, and to say thank you. I'm really looking forward to doing business with you again!

[Asked if I could quote him:]  By all means! I mean, I've already said the same thing to every gamer I know to check out your site, and how fast the service is. :)

Matt S., Gainesville, FL     Sept. 2000

I wanted to take a moment to compliment your business. Your online catalog updates are very regular and accurately depict the actual condition of each item listed. Ordering from you is painless, and orders almost always go out on the same day that they are made. When orders arrive, they are accurate, well packed, and always reflective of condition listed in your catalog. In short, it is truly a pleasure doing business with you. Your efforts to run a business to "satisfy the customers without the BS" are quite recognized.

Clinton P., Spokane, WA    April 1999

Thanks again for a much appreciated combination of prompt, efficient and friendly service an increasingly rare combination that I am sure all your customers appreciate!

Derek H., South Africa    November 1999

I must add that this is my third order with you and I have been very pleased with you and your product each time. Thank you for your prompt and efficient response.

William S., Westminster, CA    September 2000

Games received in A+ condition. Thanks. Exemplary in every way!

Gregg C., Castle Rock CO   June 2001



Catalog Accuracy

Just to let you know that my game arrived safe and sound yesterday, in excellent condition, just as you described it. Many thanks.

Thomas B., Oxford, Great Britain    June 2000

I'd just like to say thanks...the GEV game was in GREAT shape (at last, a rating system I can trust!). I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

Ken R., Saratoga Springs, NY    July 1997

While I have done mail order business with other companies and people before, I must say that your publication is the most organized, dependable and informative of any I have encountered. I look forward to your next [catalog].

Stephen F., Sante Fe, NM    February 1997

For me, it's ok if I buy a game that has less than perfect condition I know what I am buying in advance. I found the Case White condition *exactly* as described and as I would have expected. Thank you very much for the great care that you put into your listings and your business.I hope you do well and I am sure we will deal again.

Art L., Santa Clara, CA   October 2000

Well done, the packaging was superb, and the games.... words fail me! You are very conservative in your descriptions! I am *very* pleased.

Richard, Italy   March 2001

The items were just as described in your catalogue...ie. perfect condition. (I was a little leery at first, as i have been ripped off before....) Such was not the case here, as 'Fine Games' is an apt and well-deserved title...I believe I have found my source!

David A., Jupiter FL   August 2001

I have to say I really hate looking at your catalog. There's too much good stuff in there! Conrad V., CA  May 2002 I'm very pleased with the games [you sent]. Thanks a lot.

Jim S., Lizella, GA    December 1992



Careful Shipping Practices

I'm happy to say that two packages from you arrived safely. And I found the very excellent condition games in it. I am quite satisfied. Your continued cooperation and assistance will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Shigihito T., Japan   November 2000

Beyond Valor game arrived in beautiful condition! The shipping box had the usual assortment of corner smashing but, the contents were perfect. Thanks for taking the extra time with the packing peanuts-they were a game saver.

Mike O., Louisville, KY    July 2000

I've received my Combat! Rangers yesterday. It was in tip-top condition! Not a single dog-ear, creases or bent. In fact, it looks like I just bought it from a neighbourhood hobby shop even though it has flown half way around the globe to reach Singapore. The packaging was secure and the packing was very well-done. I can tell that you have really gone the extra mile to ensure that my game arrives in top condition. You have certainly lived up to your reputation!  TJM, Singapore, March 2002 I'm thrilled with everything I got, and to be quite honest, I've never received a shipment as well-packed as the one I received from you guys- I swear, I think I could've jumped up and down on the box, and not hurt anything inside. Kudos, and many thanks, amigo- it was easily the most painless buying experience I've ever had online, and I'm definitely interested in shopping with you again.  F.Scott B., OH  Nov. 2001



Problem Resolution

Thanks for the quick [resolution]. This type of customer service makes all the bad things go away -).

Mark C., Palm Bay, FL    July 2000

I want to thank you again for your prompt response to the problem with my order. Also, thanks for the follow-up on the shipment.

Tom M., Tustin, CA   October 2000

Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate the way you are dealing with the problem on my [misprinted counter]  issue. It has not always been the case with all the sellers I purchased games from, and this is why I seemed so "nervous" to you .

Dominique T., France  June 2001




Our Integrity & Ethical Business Practices

I received the items safely.... All items are correct and adequate. In Japan, I've always heard the good reputation of FINE GAMES, and it's very glad I myself can confirm this reputation. Thank you again. Tomohiko S., Japan   March 2003 Many thanks for my recent orders. I purchased a slew of GMT games and some copies of C3i Magazine and have been very pleased with the speed of the delivery as well as the condition of the items received.  Michael R, CA  Jan. 2003
I have had good and bad experiences buying on eBay but I have had nothing but Excellent experiences dealing with you. I definitely will be doing more business with you in the future.

Dan B., Scottsdale, AZ    December 1999

When you get around to adding the "testimonials" section to your web [site], I would like to make a contribution. You are a good person to do business with.

John D., Littleton, MA    November 1996

I often hold you up as an example of a great local businessman with solid values, great attitude, and hopefully a very happy clientele.

KC H., Gresham, OR       May 2001

Thanks for the great service! You're one of the reasons the hobby is still going strong!

Jeff W.      Boise, ID

I received my order on Friday. Thank you for sending it out so quickly. Everything arrived in great shape and in the condition that you stated, it is very nice doing business with a reputable person. I will most certainly place another order in a short while.

Geoff H., Laguana Hills, CA    April 1997

First of all let me say "Thank you" for running a professional, honest and customer consious business in a market which lends itself all too often to scams and ripoffs. As a grognard from way back (started in 1973), I have had the misfortune of running across the latter a few times.

Randall S., Kennesaw GA, January 2001



Your Satisfaction Assured

Satisfied_Customers = Satisfied_Customers + 1

Dirk O., The Netherlands    July 1996

Had to put the hobby aside for awhile. When I came back, all my favorite stores are gone (or changed). At least us old timers can depend on you for "keeping the faith.".

David W., Richmond, VA    January 2000

I've been hunting down sources of out-of-print games on the internet over the last couple months, and have placed order with half a dozen of them. You are one of the most responsive and easy to deal with. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.

Jim U., New Berlin, WI    March 2000

Try Michael Dean at Fine Games. He has a good website, an awesome selection (sensibly organized), and I have dealt with him many times and he is totally reliable. He will respond quickly to an e-mail inquiry.

Mike S., Toronto, Ontario, CANADA   February 2000

I can't believe the speed and quality of your service. The items are flawless! This will certainly be the first of many orders from me. Thanks again!

Ed D., Houston, TX    January 2000

I have just received all of the games you sent and couldn't be more pleased. All of them look like I just got them from the companies that produced them as they were released. Rest assured that your web page is bookmarked, I'll be telling my friends and I'll be ordering again from "Fine Games"!

Richard K., Austin, TX    June 2000

Once again I'm amazed by the quality of your service as well as the value of your prices. Nice doing business with you.

Randy P., Moscow, ID    November 1999

I received the products that I ordered... today. I am very happy and satisfied.

Morimitsu T., Japan   May 2001

I've received today the ship and it's all fine! Really, the name must be Fine Games! Thanks a lot of!

Manuel P.,  Spain       June 2001

I'm just dropping you a line to say thank you very much for the incredibly efficient and swift service. You score 110%. I received my [game] yesterday which means it took approximately a week and a bit to travel from America to South Africa. [Y]ou played a major role in getting the game off to me as quickly as possible. You promise satisfaction on your website and whoo boy do you deliver. I can see now why [my friend] is singing your praises. As soon as I can scrape some more money together I am going to order something else from you and nobody else. Keep up the incredible work.

[signed] (a very satified customer)

Daniel S., South Africa   July 2001

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