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Fine Games' online catalogs use various codes extensively to help describe our offerings more completely. You may find this to be a little daunting when you first visit our site. But if you take just a little while to familiarize yourself with what the codes mean, and how they're used, you'll soon see just how rich our catalogs are in information, and how completely our games are described. This page explains the meanings of the various codes & coding categories used.



Game Condition

Fine Games uses a unique, two-tiered system of  describing each game's condition.


A General Condition broadly categorizes a game so you have a general idea of what level of use or abuse the game has received, and can compare this to items available elsewhere.


An item's General Condition implies whether the game is punched or not. See listing to the right.


A game's Specific Condition contains detailed notes about how a game deviates from what you'd expect to see given its General condition. This includes missing parts, box damage, nature & extent of wear, stains or soiling, mildew and any other exception worth noting.

Six General Condition categories are used, listed here in order of increasing use & wear:


UNpunched items:

  • NEW - An item never before owned by an end consumer and usually (but not always) unopened in original shrink-wrap. May have exterior box damage if noted, and is UNpunched.

  • MINT - An UNused game which has been previously owned by a consumer. May have limited component damage if noted; or, may be perfect in every respect as denoted by "pristine" or "cherry". Some counters may have fallen from the tree, or cards intentionally separated, but game has not been played.

PUNCHED items:

  • EXCELLENT - A mint game that is punched & used becomes excellent; the extent of war is proportional to the games age. Minor signs of wear may be seen, easily replaced components (such as dice or counter trays) may be missing, or rules neatly highlighted or counters neatly clipped if noted. Blank counters may be written on or simply missing. An excellent game can be assumed to be complete.

  • V.GOOD - A game that has been played repeatedly and accumulated signs of wear, use or slight abuse such as soiled rules or counters, box scuffs & corner tears, mildew spotting, etc. A few unique components may be missing.

  • GOOD - A game that has accumulated more extensive wear, tear & soiling, or has significant damage and defects. Often missing some necessary components or has extensive mildewing, for example.

  • FAIR - Has major defects that render the game playable but far from collectable. Portions of required parts may be damaged or lost, and major soiling, tears ,  or even tatters may be present. A Fair item is one owner away from becoming spare parts.

  • POOR - A game with very extensive damage that renders a game all but unplayable. Fine Games typically converts such items to parts directly.

Game Publisher

In most catalogs, we use a Publisher Code to denote the specific publisher of each item. In many cases, our publisher codes are self-evident. For those that are not, you may refer to our Publisher Contact Info listing to look up info about each publisher.

Our Publisher Contact Info listing cross references the publisher code we use in our catalogs, the publisher's name, and key contact info including phone #, fax, email and URL, when known.


You can use this info to contact the publisher should you need to replace damaged or missing parts.

Part #

Items with a numeric part number (such as "23456") are in-stock and available for immediate shipment. This is the primary indicator of immediate availability.

If a numeric part-# is not shown, then the Availability Indicators indicate what the item's status is. See below.

Availability Indicators for items not in-stock:   "stk", "n/a", "s/o"

Items with a numeric part-# are available from stock.


For those without a numeric part-#, note the availability indicators given for all items. These indicate whether an item is normally a stocked item ("stk") or available by special order ("s/o") only, and whether the item is easily replaceable ("ok") or not ("Out-of-Print").

  • OK - indicates a "normal" status new item, one that is in-print and readily available from distributor stock.

  • STK - Item is normally stocked but is momentarily out of stock. Most likely, replacement stock is already en route to us.

  • S/O - Item is available as a Special Order item only. That is, we will obtain a copy from distributor stock per your firm, paid order.

  • N/A - Item is Not Available at all, and is listed for info purposes only. The intent of such listings is to make explicit that an item is no longer available as a new game.

  • OUT-OF-PRINT - Item cannot be readily obtained from distributor stock. Thus, when copies now in stock are sold, this item may not be available.

Box Type

The Box Type code indicates the type of box or packaging the item comes in. This gives you an idea of how large the item is, as well.

Note that "LB" (Large Boxed) and "GB" (Giant boxed) items are surcharged for domestic shipping (at different rates).


Two codes ("n" and "zl" represent non-boxed items that may be eligible for reduced shipping charges for flat, unboxed items.

  • n, zl - none or ziplocked; these are generally considered UNboxed items; exceptional items considered boxed due to size or thickness.

  • FO - Folio

  • BC - Bookcased boxed (~2" thick)

  • HC - Half BC (~1" thick)

  • DC - Double BC (~4" thick)

  • HP - Half Plastic Tray box (~1/2" thick)

  • FT - SPI plastic flat tray

  • IT - SPI SPI illustrated cardboard tray

  • WT - SPI white cardboard tray

  • FB - Flat box

  • SB - Small, flat box

  • LB - Large, flat boxed (note that these are surcharged for shipping purposes)

  • GB - Giant box, a much bigger and typically much heavier game, surcharged for shipping purposes)
  • HB - Humungous box, an unpredictably huge box that requires special terms for each of the very few such games. (Think War in the Pacific 2nd, or Ogre Designers Edition.)
  • TB - Tubed

  • AL - Album

Game-Only Flag

A Game-Only is a magazine issue game, such as those that came with S&T or Command magazines, that has been separated from its magazine so that only the game is offered.

Games which originally appeared as a magazine issue game will show a Yes-or-No (Y or N) code that indicates whether it is a Game-Only (without magazine) or not.


Another Yes-or-No (Y or N) code that indicates whether the item is currently out-of-print and no longer available from its manufacturer or distributors.

Basically, this indicates whether the item can be readily obtained or replaced as a new, unused item.


Indicates whether the game contains errata as a Yes-or-No (Y or N) code.

Fine Games strives to make errata available where possible. However, the errata included may not be the latest published where this wasn't readily available when the game was check in.


The weight column lists an approximate weight of the item, in pounds, where known. This is important for international shipment calculation.

Remember to add an appropriate amount for the weight of the shipping container in addition to the weight of the items themselves. Generally figure 0.5 - 2.0 # per order, depending upon size of order.


Annotated Catalog Example

Here is how to read typical game listings to glean this information.

In-Stock & In-Print

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

ok           33298 WORLD IN FLAMES 94 ANNL(ADG) $14.00   n  0.8   NEW
                  Probably the value of the year. 72pg booklet of
                    strategy & analysis...


This listing represents the most common situation. The item shows a numeric part-# (33298), so you know the item is in-stock. It also says "ok", which indicates that it can be quickly ordered or restocked as needed. The game is published by Australian Design Group ("ADG"), is $14, is not boxed ("n"), weighs about 0.8 pounds, is New without any flaws.


In-Print & Momentarily Out-of-Stock

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

ok            stk  WORLD IN FLAMES, 6TH (ADG)    $40.00  BC 2.8    NEW
                   Revision updates the Africa & Scandinavian maps...


This listing represents a situation in which a normally stocked item ("stk") is has been sold out. Because it can be readily restock ("ok"), replacement copies are probably already en route to us and the game will be back in-stock in a few days.


This game is also published by Australian Design Group (ADG), is $40, is bookcase boxed ("BC"), weights about 2.8 pounds, and is new without flaws.


In-Stock & Out-of-Print

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

Out-of-Print 31737 WORLD IN FLAMES 92 ANN (CWJ)  $18.00  n  0.8   NEW
                     Lengthy mag style booklet w/ articles on tactics,
                       strategy of play, force pool & CRT analysis, etc.


This listing is typical of items that are now out-of-print but are in-stock. The term "out-of-print" means that the item cannot be readily ordered or replaced; supplies are limited to whatever we have on hand. The numeric part-# (31737) tells you we have a copy on hand, however.


This game was published by Canadian Wargamers Journal (CWJ), is $18, is not boxed ("n"), weighs about 0.8 pounds, and is new without flaws.


Out-of-Print & Not Available

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

Out-of-Print  n/a  ADVANCED 3rd REICH (AH)       -n/a-   BC 2.4   NEW
                   5th Third Reich incarnation, highly polished...


This is an FYI listing only, intended only to tell you explicitly that the item is not available ("n/a" and "-n/a-"). We cannot obtain it as it is Out-of-Print.


In-Print Item Going Out-of-Print Available by Special Order

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

Going OoP     s/o  WORLD AT WAR  3RD (Xeno)      $32.20  FB  2.   NEW
                   Complete game similar to Axis & Allies in nature &
                     scope. ...


This is an example of an item that is known to be going out-of-print; at some time, it will cease to be available. It is a special order ("s/o") item, so we'll know whether it is currently available only when we go shopping for it. And we'll do that only after receiving a confirmed, paid order.


Temporarily Out-of-Print & Not Available Item

Publication                               MagGm Cash/Ck Box Wgt General
Status       Part# Title & Ed (PublsCode) Only?  Price  Typ  #  Conditn
============ ===== ====================== ===== ======= === === =======

Temp OoP/OoS  s/o  DAYS OF DECISION II (ADG)     $35.00  BC 2.2   NEW
                   Stand-alone game of pre-WW2 political maneuvering &
                     preparation for war....


Occasionally, games will go out-of-print only temporarily ("Temp OoP/OoS"). For instance, the game proves quite popular and its first printing sells out. Its publisher may elect to reprint the game, or any of the necessary components the are needed. While we will accept pre-orders for such games, just when a game reappears is rather unpredictable in most cases. You may wish to contact the publisher to assess the situation.


Item Release Pending (i.e. Not Yet Published)

                                       Box  Est  Cash    Expected
Game Title & Edition                   Typ Wght PriceEA Rels Date
-------------------------------------- --- ---- ------- ------------

AQUILAE ROMANI (EAGLES OF ROME)         HC       $30.00 due 00/ 7 ?
  Grand tactical system game covering warfare in the Roman era. Covers


Games not yet published are listed only in our Pending Release catalog. This example is anticipated to come in a Half Bookcase Box (HC), to be offered at $30, and to be released in July 2000 (00/ 7). Note that only the publisher knows when they'll publish a game; questions of that nature should be directed to the publisher.



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