Fine Games Newsletter #50
June 2010, as Emailed to Our Subscribers


As a warm summer weather finally begins (months late for much of the US),

FINE GAMES offers you a number of special deals now thru the end of July.
Take a look thru any or all of these offers to see what suits your summertime
fancy. All of these offer unusually great deals during the prime-time boardgaming
summer season. All special offers mentioned here EXPIRE 31 JULY 2010.

Plus, we have an extensive set of Vae Victis mags now in-stock, some Alea mags on
their way to us, and an opportunity to preorder Grenier Games for July delivery.


    1. 40% Off List on Most New Games Special Ordered from our closest distributor.

    2. Up to an additional 25% Off USED Magazine Games (S&Ts, Commands, Wargamers)

    3. Up to an additional 20% Off NEW Magazine Games (S&Ts, Commands, ATO, Wargamers)


1. Check out our catalog of all the NEW gaming items available from our primary
   distributor. This catalog gives a price for each item, with discounts on most
   items of 40% (less if we receive a lesser discount ourselves, if it is not
   available from our closest warehouse, or if it comes from a wargame publisher).

         <>   2.5mb

   This lengthy catalog includes every item our distributor currently stocks, and
   shows you which of their four warehouses currently have each item. That gives you
   specific, timely assurance of just what is readily available for special order.


2. Receive additional discounts off of Fine Games' stated pricing on ALL used magazine-games
   from Strategy & Tactics (all publishers), Command, and World Wide Wargamer.
   25% off if you buy 5 or more, 20% for 2-4, and 10% on any 1. A "used" game is mint or
   less condition (mint, excel, v.good, good, etc). Discount based on Fine Games' normal prices.

   See our Mag-Game Catalog: <>


3. NEW Mag-Games are also on sale. All Strategy & Tactics, Against the Odds, Command, &
   Wargamer magazines in NEW condition are 20% off for 2 or more, 10% off for any one.

   See our Mag-Game Catalog: <>

Remember, these special offers expire 31 July. They must be ordered and paid for by then.


4. We now have a largely complete set of Vae Victis magazines in stock, all new. These are
   French language wargaming mags akin to Strategy & Tactics (but with hardstock counters
   & printed entirely in French). Don't read French? English rules translations are available
   for download. See the above catalog for availability.

   Ditto for about a dozen issues of Alea magazines which sport games, all printed in Spanish.

5. We are soliticiting preorders for any or all of the 7 Greniers Games currently in print.
   These are semi-professional games, most with die-cut counters but also printed to order via ink jet.
   Check out their web site at, and also our own catalog of Grenier Games
   with prices at  <>. Delivery to your door expected
   late July or early August.

We thank each of you, our treasured customers, for your business past present & future.

Michael Dean
Fine Games


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