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4th of July Greetings to you, [published 29 June 2011]

In this email, FINE GAMES offers some special deals thru the end of July. Something
suitable to the heart of the gaming convention season. We also present good news
concerning greatly increased accuracy of our catalogs for special-order games.
We also tell a bit about its like to work within the wargame industry in 2011.


1. FINE GAMES offers you an ADDITIONAL 10% discount on top of our already heavily
discounted prices on *all* our ASL, Advanced Tobruk (ATS), & Panzer Grenadier
game series items -- everything we have in-stock. And for fun, we're adding
all ZOMBIE-related games to the offer, too. Now thru the end of July.

Go to our Special Sale web page to view the catalogs for this sale. And order soon!


2. FINE GAMES offers up to a 35% discount on new, special-ordered games drawn from
our primary distributor's stock. See the complete catalog of 17,000 available items at:

We've made use of the info contained in the aforementioned catalog to make
major updates to our own databases. All of the items that had quietly gone
gone out of print over the years have been removed, and more than a few games we thought
were out of print are, in fact, available again. So, you'll find our catalogs much
more accurate as to what is currently available from our distributors.


3. Subscribe to our new RSS feed. We've added an RSS news feed to our home page at If you subscribe to this, you can see almost immediate notice
when we receive new games (such as the 7 we listed today), or offer special deals.
You can read the RSS feed in your browser, or use a Win7 gadget to show your feeds.

You can view the "What's New" content of the feed in a web page, too.


4. Things are getting crazy in the wargame biz. UPS now assesses a 9.5% surcharge on
their stated shipping rates. And a few publishers are so "busy" that they can't
seem to find the time to ship the orders we placed, oh, 3 months ago. Its crazy, &
drives us up a wall. Bet you CAN guess the main offender...


5. This seems to be the season for cleaning out the game closet for many. Remember that
we are always interested in buying games, used or unused. Send us a list of what you've
got with each game's condition.


We thank each of you, our valued customers, for your business past present & future.
Please have a safe, warm & enjoyable holiday weekend!

Michael Dean
Fine Games



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