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Seasons greetings to you, Dear Reader       (published 12/08/11)


As a subscriber to Fine Games' Updates, you're getting advance notice here of the availability of ROUND 2 of our ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE. On now thru noon on our last business day of our year, 23 December.


700 choice, carefully selected games, magazines, books, accessories & more. At prices of up to 46% off of our already deeply discounted, everyday prices. Plus, we've extended our ROUND 1 offering (on magazines & magazine-games like S&T) thru the 23rd as well.

  • * Annual Clearance Sale Round 2
  • * Holiday Shipping Schedule
  • * Winter Closure
  • * Clearance Sale Spreadsheet Tool
  • * Reminder of Our Services
  • * Omega Games Ranger v4.1 Bundle
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This online version of our emailed Newsletter elaborates on many of the topics touched on in the emailed version.

Annual Clearance Sale Round 2 ( & Round 1 Redux)

ROUND 2 of our biggest sale of each year brings incredible prices on 700 games,
magazines, books, miniatures, gaming accessories, novelties, reference material
and more! All with BIG discounts that increase as you buy more. And we think we've
made it really, really easy this year to buy more.


Just be aware from the start that to take advantage of these special sales, you
must place and pay for your order such that it can ship by 23 December. Take
advantage of these special deals before they disappear in just 2 weeks for another year!


ROUND 2 follows the "Buy Some Games, Get More Games FREE!" pattern offered in
past years. We've retained the best discounts Fine Games has ever offered, and
put the bulk of the sale items in the most favorable category. And an Excel spreadsheet
is available to simplify things.


For the full details & to access our Annual Clearance Catalogs (both Round 1 &
Round 2) from our Clearance Landing Page:





HOLIDAY ORDER DEADLINES: Early next week is the last, best time for ordering (and getting)
anything we don't already have in stock. Our last distributor order will be next Friday,
16 Dec. Order before then if you need something obtained & shipped to you before Xmas.




WINTER CLOSURE: As is our joy, we will close immediately after the last package ships
on Friday, 23 Dec. We'll remain closed for a couple of weeks. During that time, we'll be off
having something called a "life," and will be entirely unresponsive to emails or phone calls.




As always, you can follow new game releases on our web site.


All the 14,000+ gaming items available at any of our primary distributor's 4 warehouses are always available to you at hefty discounts of up to 35% if they are special ordered for you. You get the best possible prices in exchange for a longer turn-around time. Plus, you can clearly see how 'available' any given item is based on how many of the 4 warehouses it is available from, and whether its in the key western warehouse. See our New Game Price List w/ Availability at:






Our special offer on the RANGER 4.1 BUNDLE ($74.95) by Omega Games continues. But our $5 back offer expires on 23 December. For more info & pictures, see <> Act now for your best deal, an effective price of $69.95 for a complete bundle of the current version of this solitaire game of US special forces ops, complete with shipping to your mailbox.




You can determine when UPS delivers your packages using MyChoice at


Sometimes the 800 pound gorilla of the shipping industry gets things right for all concerned. UPS recently announced a new and free ability that anyone receiving packages thru UPS can use to regulate & change just when delivery is made. If you sign up for MyChoice on the web site, you can alter the default delivery timing of packages coming your way. You can authorize a "driver release" so that the package is left on your doorstep with the need for anyone to be home. You can even alter the delivery address for a fee.


Its a useful feature we recommend you take advantage of. And its one of those all too rare examples of technology being used for mutual advantage.




THANK YOU! We sincerely appreciate your business in 2011 and in the future. You keep us

in business and make this unique little business worthwhile. THANKS.


Michael Dean
Fine Games


The Best in New & Used Historical Gaming

Michael Dean (541) 756-4711 10am-9pm PST
2078 Madrona St., North Bend, OR 97459-2143 USA. FAX (702) 926-5205 anytime

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