Requirements for Cash-Basis Payment via PayPal

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In order to receive our cash-discount, and thus receive a 3% discount implicit in all our pricing, your payment to us must arrive such that we receive 100% of the proceeds. That is, no fees are attached to your payment that reduces our net receipt of your payment. 


This payment describes two way that you can use PayPal to send cash-basis payments.


Note that these procedures became necessary after PayPal changed its long-standing policies on 3 June 2009 such that most payments for merchandise are now assessed a fee no matter how they are funded. See PayPal's policy by searching for Policy Updates.

Method 1: Pay the Fee Yourself

As part of your decision as to how to fund your payment, you have the option, of course, to pay the fee which PayPal might impose to transfer payment. You're welcome to do so, and it avoids all other problems. Simply select the choice to pay the fee when you declare that you are "sending money to family or friends."


But we presume that you are looking to pay the lowest possible price if you're reading this page. So...


Method 2: Send Your Payment as a Payment to Family & Friends

If you do all of three things, your payment will likely arrive in full and without fees. If it does, we will regard it as a cash-basis payment, and you will receive the cash discount for that amount of the payment.

  1. Send your payment to, and 
  2. Characterize your payment as "I'm Sending Money to Family or Friends" (rather than for Goods & Services), and
  3. Fund your payment from a bank account or funds already in your PayPal account (and not thru a card of any kind).

Realize that you are following these procedures for your own benefit. And that one of the implications of sending "personal" payments is that PayPal's Buyer's Protection does not apply. However, Fine Games has always worked hard to resolve the very few problems we experience in satisfying our customers. We have always suggested working & trusting us as your first avenue to problem-solving.


Other Ways to Send a "Cash" Payment

PayPal a little frustrating or confusing? We agree, and believe the days of "cash-basis" PayPal are numbered. 


So don't overlook the other ways you can pay the minimum possible at Fine Games:

  • Send a real check. Thru the mail. With a stamp.
  • Use your bank's Bill Payment service to send a payment to us, much like mailing a check. Send to:

Fine Games

2078 Madrona St.

North Bend, OR 97459


use your Full Name and City & State as your "account number"

  • Know another method, let us know! That is, BEFORE you send such a payment.

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