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Fine Games respects your desire keep your confidential information confidential. To that end, we sincerely promise to respect your privacy. We ask for only that information that we believe we need to provide excellent service, and we do not sell this information to others.


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What Info Is Collected?

We collect a variety of information to fully identify you by name, home address, email address, and contact phone number(s). Should you pay for an order by credit card, we also collect your credit card info, including billing address.


To better serve your unique interests, we may also record your gaming preferences (such as tactical level games, WW2 era games, etc). And we may infer this same info by analyzing what you've purchased from us in the past.

Why Is This Information Needed?

Your contact info is vital at various times. Thus, we make a point of collecting all of it as soon as possible and offer you opportunities to correct it with each emailed Newsletter we send you. Information is need to (1) insure accurate delivery information is included on any shipment to you; (2) protect all concerned from fraud; (3) stay in touch when (not if) some part of your contact info changes without notice to us.


Your phone #, for example, is included on mailing labels to insure problem-free delivery by UPS or other carriers. Having your home address and phone # allows us to remain in contact with should you change jobs (and/or email addresses) without notice. Your home (or billing) address is required by our credit card processor to minimize fraud.

How Is Information We Collect Used?

We use the address information you provide to mail printed catalogs to you periodically. It is also used as your default shipping and credit card billing address.


We use your phone #s to contact you when a question concerning an order you've placed needs a quick answer to avoid delay. We include your phone # with UPS shipping labels so that UPS has no trouble delivering to you. We also use your phone # to contact you directly if we do not have a valid email address for you.


Fine Games does not sell or trade any personally identifiable information to anyone. Ever. Only were our business sold would this information be transferred, and then so that any new owner could continue to provide the same level of service to you.

Who Has Access to This Info?

None of your personal info is stored in a data base that is directly exposed to the internet. We do not currently use a shopping cart, a fact that has a beneficial effect of acting as a major barrier to "hacking." We also use multiple hardware & software firewalls which are kept current to protect our records and computers.


Only our proprietor has routine access to any aspect of your confidential information currently. Specific aspects of the info we store may be conveyed as required by the normal course of doing business, to employees, contractors or third parties, such as to process a credit card charge or arrange a package shipment with a carrier.


In the future, less sensitive aspects of your info may be made available for you to review and update via a form on the internet.


Minimal amounts of info, such as name and last known city, may be publically displayed in hopes of regaining contact with you if all of your contact info goes bad.

How Do We Deal With the "Paper Trail?"

All paperwork that contains customer information is shredded after each business year. We actively take steps to minimize any risk of your personal information being used in ways you would object to.


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