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(Pre-) Retirement Liquidation Sales Landing Page

(Last updated 11 February 2024)

We practiced retirement yet again by taking another month off to travel and camp (in a tent) around Nevada, entirely missing the bitter ice storm that hit much of Oregon in January. Needless to say, these vacations do encourage me to just be done with it. Yet I am committed to finding good homes for the remaining 800 items in our inventory. And this is largely how we'll do it: Retirement Liquidation Sales.



To be clear, we remain an ongoing business and will for some time, and these are NOT going out-of-business sales. We'll get there soon, sure. For now, we are on an orderly glide path toward retirement that should culminate later in 2024.


See the end of this page for pictures of what retirement might look like for me.


Fine Games Retirement Sales

Our Retirement Sales are an ongoing series of big, Really Big, liquidation sales. Each is intended to give you an unbeatable deal too good to pass up, and each sale just gets ever sweeter over time. All with the primary goal of finding good homes for each of the items remaining in stock.


Each Retirement Liquidation Sale offer will have special pricing and special terms unique to that offer. Both pricing and special terms are valid only during the sale period clearly stated here and in our sale catalogs. After each sale offer expires, normal pricing resumes.


Retirement Liquidation Sales #15 - End of the LIne for 250 Games & Mags

Our 15th Retirement Liquidation Sale focuses on 250 games & magazines that are at the end of the line for us. We sell them to you, or we sell them to another dealer, but they will GO! And so we offer these items at a fire sale liquidation price. This is the second fire sale price liquidation.


I have also begun organizing and thinning my own personal collection, and the tip of the iceberg is included here.


Download   End of the Line for 250 Games & Magazines   (PDF download 300kb)


Our catalog is updated frequently; we urge you to download a fresh copy immediately before starting your shopping.


Our Offer is this: Each item on both Liquidcation Catalog bears a simple price. This is the price you pay for each. Buy as many or as few as you wish. Simple. Sale expires at 11:59pm on Tuesday, 5 March 2024. That is 21 days from the time this sale is announced, so get going you procrastinators!


Shipping will be based upon actual or dimensional weight if items do not fit flat rate envelopes or boxes. See our rates on page 2 of the sale catalog. Note that we now use USPS Ground Advantage shipping in place of UPS as it is considerably less expensive. You'll note a reduction in shipping prices for larger shipments on the second page of the sale catalog.


Free! We knew that would catch your attention. You can request one free box-only (pdf) from our parts catalog with any boxed shipment. The box of course must fit within the normal shipping box without increasing its size, and with the items you have ordered. (We have about 20 apple boxes filled with such parts-copy boxes, and they will be the first to go into the dumpster. So take one if you can use it.)


Next Up - projected for March or April

We have two thoughts for future sales this Spring (before we take yet another vacation). First, we'll likely take a swipe at the games & magazines that we currently restock as they sell; these are current & active items we normally do not offer on such sales. Second, as I clean up my own personal collection and reinspect each game, we will offer a sale on a boat load of older, rarer & very collectable items. Stay tuned.

How to Order

To place an order you simply collect a list of the games or other items you wish to order (including game title, part # and price ideally) from our catalogs. Then, email it to us with your full name, contact info & payment instructions. You can also phone or fax us, if you prefer. Your games will be shipped as early as the same day, and rarely later than the next weekday. Note that we do not have an online form for ordering. Go here for more complete ordering details.


You will expedite the process if you record the (1) part#, (2) the game title, and (3) the liquidation price for each item you wish to order, and forward that via email or phone. For example:

123456     D-Day at Fine Games     $99.99

If you email, please state clearly if you are placing a firm order (as opposed to anything less, like a simple inquiry), and if so tell us how you intend to pay for your order. Only if we have the latter two pieces of info do we have enough info to reserve anything for you pending arrival of payment. If you haven't ordered from us recently, or you've moved recently, please also provide your current home address & phone#.


Normal payment terms apply to all Retirement orders.


We accept checks (with the cash discount reflected in all our pricing), as well as credit cards and PayPal (sent to PayPal@FineGames.com, or via PayPal.Me/FineGames/$$$.$$ where $$$.$$ is the actual dollar value owed without a $ sign. Example: PayPal.Me/FineGames/123.45.) Note that payment methods where we must pay a fee to receive your payment (credit/debit card or PayPal) forego the cash discount and so the grand total will be 3.75% more than any stated price you see in our catalogs; that includes shipping as well.


Please be aware of & respect our reservation policy. We will reserve items for you that you are certain – as in 100% certain – you want them. We will not reserve items prospectively or while you "think about it." If you tell us you are ordering an item but later change your mind, we will be hesitent to reserve anything for you on future orders. Do it twice and we will only reserve items when we have payment in hand. This is especially true of our Annual Clearance and Retirement Liquidation Sales.



We ship by USPS priority mail where possible, but now use USPS Ground Advantage for heavier shipments.


With a major exception, our normal shipping charges apply to each order, regardless of whether some or all items come from this clearance. For most orders including boxed items, shipping is $23.00 per order. A single unboxed item can ship for $9.00, multiple unboxed items for $11.00. A single boxed item (plus unboxed items as will fit) generally ships for $17.00; most other orders are $23.00. We will quote shipping for your specific order.


For domestic orders requiring boxed shipment, the price of shipping will be based on shipping weight. Shipping weight is determined by the greater of actual or dimensional weight. We will estimate weight at time of order. See our domestic shipping rate chart for prices.

International orders are generally based on actual shipping weight. Contact us for a quote.


Are you Subscribed ?

This & future Retirement Sale notices are emailed to our subscribed customers. Like to receive timely notice of such sales? Just make sure we have your full name, current home address, phone # & email to subscribe to our emailed newsletter. Simple as that. And subscribing is required to receive the extreme discounts offered in these sales.

My concept of retirement is something of the nature of "doing what I want 24/7." While I remain healthy, that means outdoor activities including camping, hiking and seeing the world one beer at a time from the seat of a bike (i.e. bike touring). I've got my bright red bikes -- akin to but far more practical than the bright red corvettes old men buy -- and am ready to go! Have my sights on my first trip to Europe later in 2024.


Once I find need for a rocking chair, perhaps I'll even find time to play all the thousands of games I own; I've always said to many of you considering selling your collections, "retirement is coming!" When retirement does arrives, time should be less of a constraint to enjoying our gaming hobby for each of us. Then, I need a set of eBikes....


Yours Truly on a recent bike tourLest you think its all fun & games: MUD!
Yours truly, on the last morning of solo tour from Klamath Falls to Springfield. Prepping for retirement. And lest you think bike touring is all fun & games...




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