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Thru the end of 2011, Fine Games presents to you these special deals:

  • The Big Kahuna: Fine Games' Annual Clearance Sale. On now, from mid-November until our last shipping day of the year, 22 December. Presented in multiple offers or rounds, Round 1 focuses on the bulk of the wargame hobbies' magazines & magazine-games we have in stock: S&Ts, ATO, Wargamer, Command, Vae Victis, World at War, AH General, C3i, & more. Round 2 offers discounts on a broad swath of 700 items carefully selected from our inventory. And the more you buy, the greater your savings. Keep tabs on our Clearance Sale offers as they progress, and download the Clearance catalog, from our Annual Clearance web page.
  • Our general Liquidation Sale. This is a special deal on items, often once-popular Euro-games, that we'd like to just get rid of without throwing them away. Great deals on a wide range of products, all individually priced to move.
  • Ranger v4.1 Game Bundle Deal (ongoing)

    Separately, we offer a special deal in cooperation with Omega Games on their recently published v4.1 edition of their popular game of special forces operations, Ranger v4.1. Get a bundle of the base Ranger 4.1 game, the updated 4.1 Sierra/Victor kit with more missions, and an Actions at the Objective CD-ROM with materials to play the game at a higher scale. All this for $74.95 including shipping within the US (+$20 to Canada, +$25 internationally). And thru the end of 2011, get an additional $5 credit good toward any future order with Fine Games. More Info...


To order, just call us (toll free at 866-690-7879 10am-9pm - remember our prices triple if you phone after hours!), or send us an email that identifies you as well as each of the items you'd like to order. Tell us how you want to pay, and if the item is shipping to other than your home address. Once payment is in hand, we're good to go and we'll have your games on their way to you pronto!


Terms: All items limited to stock on-hand; that's what we mean by "in-stock." Orders must be placed, paid for & ship by 22 December; all you procrastinators beware! As is our practice, our prices reflect payment in "cash" where we don't have to pay fees to receive your payment; add 3.1% if paid via Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal funded thru a credit card.


DEADLINE: One more time: good thru 22 December 2011. Ranger Bundle offer is ongoing, but $5 credit offer positively expires at the end of December.


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